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  1. Well all, my son and I took our annual pilgrimmage to northern WI and I got in 11 days of fishing. I boated around 15 muskies ranging in size from 36 up to 47.5 inches. All were released. Here's a few of the 40 inch plus fish along with the most important one at the end. Sizes were as shown below: 47.5", 45", 42", 42", and 40"...all but the 44" taken on Top Raiders...the 44" was on a Manta. I was fortunate enough to have two 3-fish days, one having the two largest within 10 minutes of each other. Enjoy.

    This was the best one of the bunch, my son's first muskie caught while he was casting (he uses the same rods I use). To make it better for his memory, he was using a Top Raider. Nothing better than top water for your first one. All I did was have his cousin hold the back of his life jacket so he didn't fall in and I netted it for him and held it.

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    Nice job!
    Sounds like a great trip!

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    Those are some great fish, I'll bet your boy had a blast. Congrats.
  4. Hay, hay; way to go. That’s enough to make you want to move north.