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    The last three times I've been out muskie fishing I've gotten about 7 or 8 muskies that are short striking. They've been all on a inline, bucktail or chatter bait all with trailer hooks. It's happened on slow retrieves as well, am I doing something wrong or anybody else have this problem?
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    If you are getting muskies to strike, then you are obviously not doing anything wrong. Muskies are notorious for missing the lure, which totally contradicts how good of a predator they really are. There are two reasons that muskies miss: 1. you are pulling the lure out of strike zone at the exact moment the fish is about to hit, or 2. the muskie is hitting short, relying on the suction of his mouth and gills as he inhales the bait. the fact that the lure is attatched to the line keeps the lure from getting sucked in. I've actually seen 3 foot muskies in a friends tank inhale baitfish, and sometimes, they dont even touch their mouths. My advice to you is keep doing what you are doing, because you're obviously getting fish to the lure. With surface lures, i sometimes wait a second to set the hook. With bucktails, dont forget to figure eight, or at least L-Turn at the boat or shore, so you can see any slow follows. Also, try changing the aciton of your bucktail, giving it a few really fast burns, then slow crank it. This will sometimes get followers to strike. And remember, never stop a lure completely for more than a second or two, because muskies love to chase!! Good Luck!!

  3. hehe im a step ahead of you. i got a musky on then it spat the lure right back at me LOL
  4. Speed up the retrieve. Sometimes it makes them go and they will inhale the bait, especially if you see them following.