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Muskie spinnerbaits and bucktails

Discussion in 'Muskie & Pike Discussions' started by davycrockett, Apr 14, 2005.

  1. davycrockett

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    I want to build some musky bucktails and spinnerbaits and was wondering if anyone has any advice on lure size, weight,color, blade selection, etc. I looked in Rollie and Helens and was overwelmed. I mainly fish Ohio waters. Any suggestions? thanks ;)

  2. 1/0-3/0 hook size, red and white good colors, make 'em relatively bulky since they like decent size bait fish. the streamers i make for fly fishing for them are about 4-6 inches long. have no expierence with musky.

    There is some good info on this site and I believe size charts for spinnerbaits.
    I normally buy parts from Stamina. But Barlow's and Janns Netcraft are also good sources. They all have web sites.

    I made up some musky spinnerbaits and bucktails over the winter. This was my first attempt at this so I’m certainly no expert but for what it’s worth. Colorado Blades will give more thump when retrieved, willow blades more flash. Sizes 7 or 8. I think round nose pliers are a must, my attempts with needle nose weren’t very successful. I think one of the above web sites has a suggested list of size for components but I could be wrong there. As for weight, I used bullet sinkers which I painted until I decided what weight components I wanted to used.

    Also if you order the Stamina catalog it has pictures in the back of the actual size of the blades and hooks, I can’t read writing very good but I read pictures real well. :D

  5. one more component catalogue is which i think is the best.