muskie, pike, or pickeral

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  1. I am looking for creeks or small rivers with good populations of them. I don't need to get monsters. I would be happy with fifteen inch fish. I would be fly fishing. You don't have to post just PM me. Any info on Ohio Brush Creek would be great. Thanks in advance. Ronnie
  2. ronnie if your at the buff show this weekend find me

  3. Got pike up here around the troy/tipp area. Usually catch em on big bass minnows or small rock bass. Biggest has been 32" average size is around 24-28". They are a blast to catch but man they smell.
  4. Tall cool one

    Tall cool one strictly flyfishing

    Any time you're ready come on up and I'll take you to my pickeral spot.It's a spring fed pond so it never gets murky.
    Also got a sweet spot for nice pike as soon as the rivers come down to normal.TC1