muskie partner wanted

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  1. muskie partner wanted to fish monday mornings
    at cc
  2. how bout Saturday mornings? Or sunday afternoons?

  3. saturday would be better for me
    guess i can do walleye sunday and monday
  4. Would this be a teaching period as well, I've just gotten the musky bug, and am wanting to learn all I can about musky fishing. I have a 17Ft nitro as well, we could do my boat one week yours the next.
  5. BITE-ME

    BITE-ME Muskie Addict

    MB5322 - If your intrested in shortening the learning curve for musky fishing, then you should come to the SOMA (Southwest Ohio Muskie Association) meeting on Tuesday 5/13 at 7pm. The meetings are in the Huber Heights Gander Mtn store back in the lodge. They are always held on the second Tuesday of the month. Member or not, all are welcome to attend.
  6. David,I would be interested in fishing Monday mornings.I have some experience at C.C.I've caught three Musky over 42" there and lost others.It's not a difficult lake to learn especially when I have an original topo map of the area before it was a lake.Let me know if you are interested.I live in Centerville....Gary
  7. but musky guys looking for a Monday partner on CC might be singing my song. (unemployed)

    Got a boat that'll fish 2, standing? (Like to walk around some as I fish.)

    Handy w/your trolling motor? (Boat control isn't my greatest strength.)

    Ready to suffer for a fish @ CC? (w/someone who is still suffering!)

    Can you cast forever WITHOUT hooking your partner? (Faint @ sight of blood - especially my own!)

    PM me, baby!