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  1. I am only fifteen and i am saving up for a car so i can't afford muskie lures. so if anyone has any old ones that they don't use please send me a PM. I know this is asking a lot but i would appreciate anything. I doubt anyone will do this but is worth a shot. Thank you for tanking time to even read this.:(
  2. I am affraid I do not have any lures for you, but I have been trying to build
    a selection of Musky lures on a low budget myself. Granted you are not going to find Depth Raiders or Top Raiders ($15.00 +) on sale or clearance much, but I have found quality Rapala Super shads, Large JitterBugs, Lurer
    Jensen Wood Choppers (top water) and others on sale for under $6.00. Try
    Dicks (Fairfield Mall Dayton), Gander Mountain, and Bass Pro. I think you could build a selection to start for under $30 that would include crank baits,
    top water, bucktails, and plastics. Think big and don't just look in the Musky section..

  3. another less expensive way is to use big grubs with leadhead jigs. i have caught plenty ok stripers, pike and muskie using the mogambo grub and swim baits made by kalins. pm me and i will give you more info.
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    In the last year my son and I have hooked probably 10 Muskie at Caesar Creek. All of them were while fishing for Bass. Most of the hook ups were on Spinner Baits, Crank Baits (Wigglo) and Top Water (Pop-R). Good luck.