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  1. Anyone besides me notice that as you get older, just about everything that happens of any magnitude is Bad-or has mostly Negative implications??-at least the majority of things. (Maybe one just notices it more with age!)
    ps-I just viewed my 401k account on line.
  2. It could always be worse....

  3. tomb

    tomb Tom B.

    Look at all that's still left in the glass:rolleyes: Sometimes I start to get sour over lifes speedbumps, seems way too often anymore. It always calms me down to think how lucky I am to go fishing because I WANT to. Not because I can't afford groceries, or I live in some remote stretch of jungle. Just because I have the free time and funds to do so. How bad can life be??????
    :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
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    A rational thought about an irrational world. Let it go. It will drive you nuts over something you can do nothing about.
    Take care of your own homestead and watching the dominos tumbling around you won't be so bad.
    Unless you're within 10 years of retirement it's all paper money. I call it a buying opportunity.
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    good and bad are merely projections of the human ego. strive for a non dualistic state of mind and you will find yourself more content in this existence.

    keep in mind that reaching a state of total nonduality is not compatible with every day social norms and functioning. it is in the journey towards that point that enlightenment can be glimpsed.
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    What have you been smoking this early Monday morning?????
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    nothing. I'm quite sober.
  8. I'm just thankful to be alive and now accept whatever happens, good or bad, as being part of life and let life go on.:)
  9. is not for sissies!

    Don't like it, but the alternative sucks.
  10. The 401K thing-it's worse today! I thought the Bail Out would have the Street jumping thru hoops-can you believe it, it's the other way around!!
    It's a rollover 401 into an annuity-I am retired now...........and have lost a Lamborgini in the last few months! Rev, I need some of that holy water you're drinking!!!
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    My response to this is a story that was told to me. I think it applies here.

    A Buddhist monk stood before a gathering of fellow monks. He was to give a lesson that day. Just as he was about to speak a bird outside let out a single long note. It reverberated in the hall and every single monk heard it. After this the monk at the front of the hall smiled and said, "That was your lesson today" and stepped down.

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    And ???????????????????????????????????????????????:confused:
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    Wow C.J.
    This just goes to show that you (I) can make very wrong impressions of people through the internet.
    I thought you were a young wippersnapper with young kids. You're retired!!!!
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    Ah young grasshoppah! You must learn to listen to the tweet of the bird for he will guide you well!
  15. :) :p :p :p

    My sentiments exactly!
  16. I just found out tonight from the daughter of the guy who owned and lived in the cabin in Harrison cy. where I'd stay a couple days during deer season that he died----in JULY(only a 'very youthful'! 69 years old)! We were old friends who spoke only occasionally on the phone(he never used a computer), and besides deer season, I'd stop by during Spring turkey season. I last spoke to him late June and he had just finished tilling a food plot. Hunting camp will not be the same without you, Leo......
  17. Not in my life, I am a very lucky man, kids are both grown and working buying their own homes, college is almost paid for, I havea great daughter and son in law, two grand children, more expendable cash than I have ever had, I new pontoon boat, more guns than I need, a tolerate wife that does not care how much I hunt and fish, more friends than I deserve most of which have been hunting and fishing pals for over thirty years I retired 15 years ago and I am only 58, I do work part time at a gun store to have something to do. THE GODS HAVE TREATED ME PRETTY WELL!!!!!!!!
  18. You described the perfect American Dream life-I envy you!
    Is your wife a doctor/lawyer? Did you hit the lottery?
    Did you invent Viagra?
    Retirement at 43!!!
    Good grief!
  19. My wife is far from a Doctor although she is turing 50 next month and does make good money she does work in a law firm. On the other hand my daughter-in-law is a doctor, pedeitrition (spelling is not so good). There are some down sides to retiring young(physical injuries) but I do not dwell on them. My life is more than half full and the spicket is running.
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    remember,things could be so much worse.
    i grew up hearing many stories from my father about the depression and how simply getting by and eating every day was a challenge sometimes.
    there's rarely a night that goes by where i don't thank the man upstairs for the opportunities i've had and what they have gave me.a family,a home,food on my table and a job that pays the bills.
    now i'm faced with some health problems that'll more than likely end up with a couple of surgeries but that's life and i'm lucky,i have insurance.
    you usually don't have to look very far to see someone who is in a worse situation.