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  1. Hello guys!
    It is the end of September and back home everybody is picking mushrooms. I went mushroom hunting here once, to a private forest, but how is this generally? What are the regs for this? Wherever i drive I see no-trespassing sings, so looks like most land is in private hands. In this case where to go? I think state parks are probably not good, is it legal to pick up a mushroom there?

    Also, back home we hunt for many many different kinds. It seems to me, that here it is almost only the famous morel mushroom. How is that?

    Any info will be appreciated.
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    Try any of the State Forests or parks. There are many forested areas South and East of Columbus. AEP is free with a permit and you can virtually walk for miles, take a fishing pole along. REMEMBER!! Do Not Eat any wild mushroom that you are not absolutely sure of. If you are on OSU campus you can contact the Mycology department on West Campus and they will positively identify anything you find. What may be edible in the Western US may have a poisonous lookalike in the Eastern US. You will soon be able to find Shaggy Manes growing all over around the far West Campus parking area. As soon as the weather cools down they will pop up everywhere over there.

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    shroomhunter USMC 1979-1983

    The Metro Parks are off limits for picking anything. Don't pick the berries, nuts or fungus. The animals will starve to death if you pick anything.
    That is what I was told at Highbanks by a Park Ranger. And also you MUST stay on the path to avoid becoming lost in the Forest there. Hmmm...
    Alum Creek is heavily wooded and you can pick shrooms there. Be careful there though, some of the folks that go there are looking for companionship.
    I am trying to be Politically Correct. I just stay out of certain areas over there as it seems to be a meeting area for uh uh.... lonely dudes.
    So far, Ohio has not imposed any license requirements for fungus. Just Ginseng.
  4. Thanks, also for the email!