Mushroom Recipies

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  1. Mushroom season is right around the bend, let's hear them recipies
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    Mine is easy. Take some flour, add some salt, pepper, ground ginger, and a little seasoning salt. Put this in a tupperwear container with the lid on. Add shrooms, and tumle around with your finger tips to coat the shrooms. Fry them in about a half inch of hot canola oil until they feel firm. Salt and pepper as soon as they are removed from the oil.

  3. There is only one way, roll in Grandpa Tims and deep fry!! I like to have a big cheeseburger and top with fried shrooms! YUM
  4. batter deep dried in peanut oil...
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    There is only one way, roll in Grandpa Tims and deep fry!! I like to have a big cheeseburger and top with fried shrooms! YUM

    :D :D :D :D :D
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    outside of deep frying them my favorite way to fix them is on top of homemade pizza.white shrooms,red bell pepper and sweet italian sausage.
    now i'm hungry!
    hopefully i'll do alot better in michigan this year.last year was kind of disappointing and i didn't have any in the freezer for the ohio state games.but it's hard to be completely disappointed when you're camping out in the sticks and spending time in the woods.
  7. Last year was not that good for me I ate what I picked and did not save any...
  8. didn't get many last year. a couple of years ago I tore 'em. I took them to a local auction and in three weeks made over $800 selling them. Not bad for a couple hours walk in the woods once a week. Looking forward to this year.
  9. I use to take them to Middlefield Auctions but work 1st shift now so can't anymore... Is that where you went?
  10. Take your morels,rince them under water,then put them in a salad spinner (this will shake all the dirt and stuff off).

    Quick morels.
    1cup. flower
    1cup. corn meal
    salt & pepper to taste
    garlic powder to taste

    add one or 2 eggs to some milk in a bowl, and mix all dry ingredients in a wide bowl or pie pan. put them in the egg then in the flower mix, fry them in oil with a cast iron skillet.cook until golden brown.

    quick ez there ya go.
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    Rolled in flour and fried in Land O' Lakes butter! Or no flour and fried till crispy in same butter. Then don't discard the leftover in the skillet, fry some country style sausage in the drippings, when sausage is done add 1/4 C. flour.
    Stir around to coat meat then add 1C. milk and 1 or 2C. water. Bring to a boil and it will thicken (stir as it starts to boil) and be some real good sausage gravy. Gotta add some black pepper not too much.

    Glad I have a few jars of canned morels left from 2003. Last year did not find enough to can any.
  12. Hey man that sounds like some good stuff, I'll stop by for breakfast on my way to work tomorrow. Hope 5:00 am is not too early.:D
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    Sure thing 5 Am just fine.