Munroe Falls Dam ... today

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    I along with many others have posted many times about the Munroe Falls dam in the past but after reading the recent post I have come to a few inert questions.
    The opinions on the project recently goes both ways and is respected, however I started to ask myself some things.
    MANY years ago when the dam wasnt there what wouldve the fisherman said when he or she heard the news about a dam being built.
    Yes it became a hot spot for fish to come and spawn but were did they go before the damn ??? and were will they go now ??? Kent ??
    Fish seem to go to places were they can spawn and survive due to a variety of reasons, so I dont see vacancy..There was no Akron water control before the damn so was depth a major differance back in the day, are there varietys of fish gone that might have been there before ??? Sounds to me we will have to start to search again for spots. but isnt that the "fun" of this sport along with many others ?
  2. You have said it all.The fishing can only improve on the mighty hoga......