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Multi-Species pictures

Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by CoolWater, Nov 4, 2004.

  1. CoolWater

    CoolWater Multi-Species Fanatic

    This is mostly for mojo as I know he is big on the multi-species fishing life list like i am... anyways I updated the pictures page on my site to include 29 pictures of different species I've caught, thought some of you might find it interesting as all 29 species have come from NW ohio. There are two fish pictures that are my best specimen's which happened to come from Michigan although I have caught the species in Ohio (Northern Pike & Rock Bass).

    Just hit the "Fish Pictures" tab on my site...

    Good fishing all!

    PS I may buy a new scanner tonight and add a few more species, also will get a listing on the page saying each species by name!
  2. adam, glad to see you're still alive. haven't seen you on this site in a while and yours was beginning to collect nice updates to it, and nice fish. i may have 2 species on you (you still have a lot more than me though) but you have me beat in almost every size regard (did i mention i got a 22'' bass though....yeah still bragging about it). i upped my pike 3 weeks ago in a bass tournament though.....still a little under 30'' but at least a little more respectable than my earlier ones. i'll hopefully get pics when i develop the film, the digital was dead at the time.

  3. Great pics Adam, Glad to see your still kicking. I can't for the life of me catch trout at Pearson Park.
  4. CoolWater

    CoolWater Multi-Species Fanatic

    Hey Joe-
    yea my site was in dire need of work- im actually rebuilding the whole thing again, will look alot cleaner, probably launch it early next week. i do think i had seen your bass- wasnt it a private quarry or something? was a beautiful fish as i recall- think u had a post about it with picture... cool that you upgraded your pike- even though it was a bass tourney did u get some pics? i caught a dandy smallie in the PWT i fished in sault ste marie- but no time for a pic : (

    well come spring when they do the next stocking hit me up- i'll show ya exactly how i put the whoopin on them! of course by saying this i now am jinxing myself lol! anyways heres a limit from the spring 2004 stocking...they are in there : )
  5. those trout are odd. i did pretty well with mepps spinners last spring. once i went with two other buddys too and used shiners, i had a limit in about 45 minutes before they even had two fish between them. our bobbers were only a few feet apart. i saw a few taken with powerbait or crawlers but the best bet would be mepps or shiners.