Muddy Water

Discussion in 'Bowfishing' started by Jero, May 17, 2008.

  1. Jero



    Those of you in SW Ohio know that the water around her the last 48 hours has been impossible. I was on Cowan lake last night trying out the lights for the first time. I know you guys told me to setup up the big boat, but there is a problem with the electric in that boat. Some I got some small lights and put them on the little boat, was floating in 10 inches of water last night and the carp were everywhere only I couldn't see them, the water was that muddy. They were up in the tall reed grass. There was no you could watch the grass move over and shake. After watching for about a half hour I finally decided to try and get lucky. So I waited for the grass to move and let er fly! To my amazment I stuck a 10 pound common.....I thought I was really on to something...then I followed it up with about 30

    As if this sport wasn't challenging enough....try hitting them when you cant see em....

    Well I got the bug pretty bad right now so any body up for some company, I would love to learn from some of you pros!