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  1. Does anyone know of any fishing spots around Mt. Vernon? My dad is going down there for a week for work and would like to go fishing but has never been over there. Where is there to fish and what are people using etc? Thanks for any info.
  2. Well it depends on what kind of fishing he is planning on doing. If he is a wader then he can head to the river (Kokosing) which runs right through town. It is better fishing farther downstream but smallies can be caught all throughout. If he is just looking for a convenient spot right in town he can go to Foundation Park which was just recently stocked with trout (about 3 weeks ago). He could go to Knox Lake but shoreline access there is rather limited. Beyond that it is a bit farther of a drive to other lakes.

    Foundation Park has the trout along with bass, gills, and crappie. Knox would be bass, gills, and some crappie. It is also a fine catfish lake.

  3. I have always done well on the west side of Foundation Park. If you enter from Harcourt Road (U.S. 3/36) the first big pond on the left offers a decent topwater bite. The bass aren't that large but fun. I have had success with light colored Pop-r's and Rapala Skitter Pop's.
  4. I used to fish that pond years ago before it became Foundation Park. That was always my favorite pond of them all. I don't know if you have been around here long enough to remember then but at one time there was like 6 or 7 ponds back in there. They have combined all but the one on the west that you mentioned. I had not tried in years so I didn't even know whether you could enter from over there any more. Apparently you can.

    We always did very well there on rubber worms. During the summer the pond was pretty choked with weeds and there was only a limited number of lures that you could work through there. I don't recall us ever catching anything very large and it is probably still that way with the increased access. It is a still a pretty decent place to fish for being right in town.
  5. Thanks for all the information. I will let you know how he does.
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    There's also North Branch of the Kokosing lake... not sure what the fishing is like in there, have heard it is decent but haven't tried it myself... it also has limited shoreline access...

    As a side not,e you can rent boats/pontoons from Grandpa's Tackle for Knox Lake... the shop itself is closed, but I think they would probably still rent out... the number is in the phone book...
  7. Thanks for all of the info guys. His hours didnt allow him to get out and go fishing but will most likely be back there again in the future and will get to go fishing.