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  1. BassFan recently interviewed Rick Clunn with his take on selling the sport to others and maintaining integrity of professional tournament angling.

    I found it remindful and refocusing for myself. Wanted to simply share the some out-takes of his comments.

    Societal ills that grow along side of us, drugs-gangs-crime-gas prices!-war-etc.etc. seem so far away when I'm floating. Healing even.

    Fishing's the last vehicle remaining for the masses to stay sane.

    Back in the old days, my dad and everybody talked about going fishing – how if they "don't get away this weekend, they're going to go crazy." That wasn't a cliché, that was a fact. Fishing's the last vehicle for the masses to get away from rush-hour city traffic and all that.

    Why do cities grow outward? Because people fight to get to the edges. The insanity is to the middle. The closer you are to the middle, the more insane you become. And if there's no way to escape, we're all going to go insane.

    ...We can do it in better ways. Fishing's the largest participation sport on the planet, so let's play to our strengths. What I'm saying is, let's change the perception of fishing. Let's look at the real benefits of it... the social benefits of it – the conservation side of fishing, of maintaining the sanity of the masses and maintaining a connection to nature, which is ultimately important to everything on this planet.

    This is what we all (you,me,him,her) set out to do.

    In light of the opening rounds of 2007,I apologize for failing to meet these expectations this season- to myself and to everyone.

    I plan to connect to nature for about 14 hours tomorrow !%


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    Very nice post. I'll be connecting with nature for 8 hours tomorrow on Indian!

  3. How ya feel now Redhawk???

    I'm totally sane after just a few 2lbrs;)

    Goona try tomorrow again just in case...:B