MP3 for V3 Razor HELP!

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  1. I Have a couple of Motorola V3 Razors and would like to know how to transfer MP3 files from my PC to them. I downloaded a program called p2k for it but cant get the program to recognize my phone. From what I have read online if I do it wrong I can mess up my phone. If you can help it would be much appreciated.
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    Motorola Phone Tools will automatically convert music files to mp3 format then send to your phone via usb, mini usb cable. BTW... I have the same exact phone!!

  3. I'm not too tech savy, The PC wont recognize my razor and I cant get the
    p2k to work. I dont even know where to begin here.
  4. load MP3's (as ringtones) from the PC to the V3c with Bluetooth.
    You need to buy the Bluetooth dongle for this method.
  5. This is not an easy thing to do if you do not have a copy of motorola phone tools or a bluetooth hookup.

    Go to this link and read up. It took me a bit of time and loose morality when it comes to software licensing.