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    i downloaded and love this program.. but have now came to have a problem... i always check buckeyetoms club web site and noticed the message board on his page was gone as with the schedule for his tourneys.... opened the site up in I.E. and its there..??? why would this be like this??? anything i can change in my settings or what??
    here is the address if someone with mozilla firefox wants to check it out... the message board button is gone, untill i open on ie
  2. Not a huge fan of mozilla myself, i prefere Slimbrowser. Check it out at I like how the program is all self contained and the pop-up blocker is awsome, i never get a single pop-up ever.


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    same here, it does not show up with firefox..However...Those types of forums network 54, have alot of spyware on them....Maybe that is why?.
  4. I don't see it on firefox either. I have heard that some pages aren't fully compatible with Firefox if they were made with IE in mind.
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    going on a limb here, it might be activeX embedded, FF does not do activeX.
    this is why some sites will not work with FF. there is a FF plugin/extension that allows activeX connections..... but why even risk it? thats why FF is "safer" to use. in time, the haXors will be writing code to target FF users.....most spyware "rides" into ones computer through activeX stuff
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  7. I believe Flathunter is right that it has something to do with the "network54". I don't know much about that and have never run in to it before. In the meantime there is no reason why you can not run both browsers at the same time so you can run IE to access that. I have run in to a couple of other sites that were not designed Mozilla friendly but that is a very small percentage considering I have been using Firefox for over a year.
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    i like firefox but its just a hassel to use both... i can goto the network54 message board if i type the link in but the button is missing from the site.. and his schedual is gone from the first page of his site and that has nothing to do with network54???
  9. You will come across a site here and there that aint compatible with Firefox. This is because I.E. uses Active X Controls and Firefox doesn't, but this is a good thing. These site you are having problems with are relying on those controls to much which Firefox doesn't use. The down side to Active X Controls (and this is why Firefox doesn't use them) is that spyware and adware use these controls also to get on your pc. Firefox doesn't use these controls and therefore has better security. Just use I.E. for these rare sites, and use Firefox for all other sites.
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    should i just not got these sites if ff dont let me in?? aint that why we use ff ??