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  1. hey guys
    my name is greg and i just wanted to introduce myself.
    i grew up in canton and moved to san diego when i was 21. ive been out here 12 years. i got married and got a good career going and all that stuff . my wife is pregnant now and weve decided to move back to ohio after the baby is born. shes due in june. were moving to columbus in july.
    ive been a bass fisherman since i could hold a rod. i have a older nitro bass boat that ill be bringing.
    anyway, i'm just looking to meet a couple friends and have some fishing buddies when i get out there.
    i have plenty of largemouth and crappie experience, but dont know too much about walleye and smallmouth fishing.
    ive been on a few trips for em, but dont really know what im doing in that regard.
    i also enjoy hitting the creeks and rivers for steelhead up by erie.

    so thats the deal, just wanted to say hi.
    i look forward to talking to you guys in the future.
  2. You will find tons of information and meet lots of people to make friends with on this site, we are mostly just here to share our experence and local information with each other. We do have a couple of tourney's each year where the info may slow down but for the most part we all share the good and the bad. Welcome to Ohio I hope you enjoy this part of the country, if you really want to fit in put a OGF and HUNT OHIO sticker on your vehicle and never go out of the house without some type of BUCKEYE gear expossed on clothing you are wearing.

  3. Welcome to the site SYM.
  4. thanks guys.
    i look forward to fishing with ya!
  5. NewbreedFishing

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    Greg...wouldnt mind giving u a break and showing you around C-town.

    PM me when you get the itch

  6. JignPig Guide

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    Welcome to the web-site...

    You should expect to be able to receive advise, and give advise without many problems on this site.
  7. yeah same here pm me if u need some where to go or advice