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  1. How do I move favorite list to a computer that I am setting up? Everything will be the same on new computer as the old one. Thanks ahead of time for your help.
  2. The easiest way is to click on the Start button and then Run. On the command line type "Favorites" and press enter. This will give you a list of them in the folder on your current system. From there you can simply select them all or even a portion of them and copy and paste them to whatever media source you are going to use to transfer them. (floppy disk, memory stick, CD-R, etc.) Then on the new system open the favorites folder in the same manner as above. Then open the listing on the media and copy or move them in to that favorites folder.

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    On Internet Explorer:

    You can also go to favorites, then at top of page click file, a drop down menu will appear. Select Import and Export. This will give you a wizard that will walk you thru it.

    With Mozilla Firefox:

    Click on Bookmarks, then Organize Bookmarks, which opens Book marks manager.
    From there, Upper Left Corner, select File, then select Export.
  4. I have done it the old fashioned way for so long that I never realized the import/export feature built in.:rolleyes: Disregard my suggestion as it basically does the same thing without the need to locate the favorites folder.