movin to the lakes.

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  1. well its time to get outta of akron,, i have had my house for sale or up for rent, i have a renter, so im gonna be movin to portage lakes. found a few places. one i like that is on the lake with a private doc., ill will be able to gett outta bed and walk on to the ice. or on to the boat... with that being said, i will have to invite a few of you guys over to board the ice from my doc, if all goes well i should be living on the lakes within a month or so does any one know of a few hot spots outta there

  2. i believe its long lake,,,, going to look at it today...
  3. If it's Long, I know of several hot spots, both thru the ice and open water. I'll gladly share them over a cup of coffee somewhere... ;)
  4. hey great!!! ill be sure to buy the good coffee.. thanks carl
  5. If it is Long Lake you wont be dissapointed:)
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    mrphish42 locators dont lie

    Sam.......I'm glad things seem to be going your way. Only problem I see is just where are you going to put 2 or 3 hundred crazy ice fishermen that show up at your soon to be........"New PLACE". Everyone wants/needs/and loves...... to have a friend that lives on the water......Hum, I also forsee a slight parking problem.....KEEP US UP TO DATE ON THIS EVENT AND DON'T FORGET TO "POST THE ADDRESS".............jON sR. PS. I"m really hopeful that you can move in before ice season ends.........signed "ALL YOUR FRIENDS"