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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by truck, Feb 16, 2005.

  1. I try to read most threads on this site,if they are moved or deleted could you mods please tell us where they went?Thanks Daryl
  2. ShakeDown

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    Some moved threads are moved into our admin section, if they break the TOS (we don't "delete" them). Others are moved into different forums, to keep things organized by topic. We typically don't announce moving of threads if they are TOS violations, as we would rather PM the member. We'll try and communicate our organizational moves a little better in the future. Problem is, leaving a re-direct almost defeats the purpose of moving them.

  3. the only reason I asked was because I looked in every section this morning for one(from SD) and never found it.If it was told where it was moved to would have saved me time ;) Was not asking for a re-direct Thanks daryl
  4. ShakeDown

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    SD...shortdrift? I think he did accidentally nuke something that he didn't mean to the other day.
  5. Yes it was Wow by shortdrift.
  6. The attachment to that post never made it across. Nothing to worry about as it was a response to the post on appendix removal. Had some trouble with the site that day and a lot of strange things happened then straightened out.
  7. 2talltim

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    it would be nice if when you move a thread to put a note about where it once was that says where it was moved to...... sometimes i cant find them after they have been moved
  8. 2tall that is what I have been trying to say.
  9. I had made an attachment that never attached. Check my previous reply for an explanation.
  10. I understand what you are saying Ron.Some posts are moved to other sections some go to never never land,would just like to know where to start looking for them thats all.
  11. Ruminator

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    I know what you mean truck, like if anyone is looking for the pics from the Columbus Show you will find them in the News and Events forum now.

    I point this out to give you a tip on where to start looking. Think about the forum that would be the best fit for the thread and you'll likely find it there. Sometimes it takes looking in several before you run across it. If all else fails, either contact us(Team) or post a question. ;)

    And I'm sure you caught Shake's point.
  12. catking

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    Most of the time we try to leave a re-direct up , but in some cases such as when a member asked an Ohio river question in the lounge, it is moved to the Ohio River section without explanation as it is obvious where it should have been asked ......When I personally move a thread, I leave a re-direct in sight for at least a day or two. ......... Thanks Daryl for bringing this to our attention, in the future we will try ;) ........ Rick
  13. Tee

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    Another trick is to subscribe to a thread so you could always be directed to it.

  14. Another idea is to try doing a search for the thread. You should be able to locate it knowing some of the unique words in the thread or even by searching thread by a certain member. I agree with what Shake said in that leaving a re-direct sort of defeats the purpose for the move in the first place.:rolleyes:
  15. rockbass

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    I still get confused if I go fishing at the Tusc river in my area for Catfish or Smallies or whatever, should I put it into the southeast section where I normally do or should I post it in the correct fish category. this goes for any body of water and/or species of fish. BUT, you have to excuse me sometimes, I can be slow! :eek: :D