mounting fish finder on bass boat?

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  1. I was just wondering if anyone has any tips on the best way to mount a fishfinder by the council. I just recieved a fish finder that also has the gps unit and would like to mount it around the council and I am getting another one for the front. I am just really erie on driling into my ing boat to mount it and run the cables. Are there anytricks on mounting it to the boat and mounting the gps unit? Also are there anyt ips on mounting the transducer? I would like to leave the one I have mounted on the boat so I can use it when getting another one for the front. Will having two transducers in the back affect each other when running them. Any info would be great I want to mount it next week but need this info before doing so. I can remove the transducer in the back if needed but do not know what to do about repairing the holes so the boat doesnt sink. Thanks for any tips you guys may have
  2. What I know: Don't put two finders or transducers too close together. They will interfer with one another.(I've heard 6 ft.(min.) between them should be ok.) Solder all electrical connections, unless it's totally unfeasible.(also goes for radios.) You should be able to use holes from one transducer mount for the other. If not, use the ones you can and pack silicone into the unusued holes. If the hole goes completely thru the boat, put a bolt with silicon in unused holes).The front transducer can be mounted on an electric trolling motor. If not feasible or you don't have TM, epoxy the transducer so it shoots vertically thru one layer of the hull below the water line.(should be directions with the unit for this or check the internet for mounting tips). You might want to check the internet for other tips.

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    use a transducer mounting block. use epoxy to attach it to the transom, that way there are no holes in your hull(if thats your concern)and you can move it if you choose too. also, before you go mounting a transducer to your bow, mount it to a long stick and go to the lake to see if it interferes with the aft mounted one. i tried to mount a second sonar but it interfered with the main one. i even took a long stick, mounted my second transducer to it, went to the lake, turned on both sonars, put the stick in the water off the bow and it still interfered with my main sonar(transducer on the transom). so now i have a brand new color eagle sonar i have no use for.:confused:
  4. Thanks for all the tips coming in. I guess I wont mount the other transducer in the back. Whats the best way to mounting the fishfinder to the boat since I want it up by the council? I would love to know how these pros mount these huge graghs and fish finders on the front and backs of there boats with no interference. Of corse they have all top of the line stuff and I assume they prob. all have the trolling motors with the transducer built into them which would be nice. Does everyone run there power cable to there fuse box or do you jst run it straight to the battery?
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    Mine are mounted on brackets with swing arms on them so i can push them out of my way if necessary. However, (and based on advice I got on OGF) when i mounted my GPS antennae, i didnt bolt/screw it in, I used heavy duty velcro and cut a circular pattern and stuck it right on the dash. Stuff is hardcore doesnt move.

    Might be able to pull that off (velcro) mounting the head unit itself, however with something that tall/expensive i still think your best bet is to bolt it down. Should only take 4 small holes to do it, not including a hole to the run the power/transducer cables below the dash. I run my FF power straight to the battery (not to the fuse box) with an inline fuse attached. Less hassle to troubleshoot power issues, and if your fusebox ever gets shorted you won't lose FF power if youre in a pinch. Since you do have to run your transducer cable to the transom (assuming your batteries sit in front of the transom) you'll already be running 1 cable back there so running the power all the way back won't add to the labor.

    Zip tie your power/ducer cables up underneath your gunwales and you're good!

    I think the biggest issue is, the placement of the tranducer on the transom. Each boat is different, but getting that sucker just right, to show depth at speed is an art :D