Mountain lions in Mediana County?

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  1. really ticks me off that nobody seems to be taking these reported sightings for real. Seems the Fish and Game people just want to say "there are no mountain lions in Ohio" and brush it off........

    My question is WHY aren't or why CAN'T there be any in Ohio - we've got the terrain and climate and lord knows there's plenty of food for them (deer)........

    Same with bears. All you heard about years ago was "there isn't any bears in Ohio!" guess what..........there is.

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    Sounds hard to believe, but I remember saying the same thing many moons ago about black bears being in Ohio. If it is true, it's probably someones pet that got loose. Unfortunately It'll probably take someone to get hurt before action gets taken.
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    dare i say it............bigfoot anyone:p

    i dont buy it. he said he was frightned, but still approached 30 feet closer, armed only with a crossbow???
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  5. If they don't exist then you probably won't get in any trouble for killing one:p If I saw one and had the chance it would probably be, cut into jerky and the mount would go in my Dad's cabin. I can remeber people telling me I was nuts when I started sees coyotes up this way 12-15 years ago, now they are commonplace.
  6. Randy they been telling you that for 15 years and I figured it out in one day! You gots some smurt pals.
  7. Could have been a sabertooth?
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    Just as deer and coyotes have been able to adapt and thrive in near suburban areas, I see no reason why large predators could not.

    Gives heading out to the woods and streams a new thrill, don't it?;)
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    And Damon Greer, a spokesman for the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, insisted that ''there are no mountain lions in Ohio.''

    Nothing like a blanket statement to make one sound like a fool. These people are seeing something. Maybe if the DNR people got off their butts and walked around in the woods once in awhile they too might find they were all wrong about lions living here in Ohio.

    They were spotting these in central Ohio a few years ago. One was near my father in laws place where I camp and fish and I still think about it every time I camp there. Spooky!
  10. There are no wild mountain lions living in Ohio. I agree with Mr. Greer.

    Probably someone's "pet" that got loose, as happens from time to time, as some folks feel the need to keep "exotics" as pets.
  11. You guys are SO quick to say there are no wild mountain lions living in Ohio....what is the reasoning behind your statement? Just like there were NO black bears in Ohio either.....but yet here they are now.

    Just like the black bear - why can't a mountain lion migrate into Ohio??? We definately have the environment to support them........or is there an Invisible Fence around the entire state that keeps them out??

    I don't see why you guys are being so hard headed about this - I mean can someone explain to my WHY there can't be any wild ones in ohio????
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    It's funny that Mt. Lions can live in a populated state like Florida, California and others . Although the idea would be extremely remote, I do not see any reason why they couldn't live in Ohio. We have the four factors of habitat. But like I stated in my original post, if there is one it is probably a released pet or an escaped one. It will take several lion kills or various credible sighting with "proof" throughout the state to totally convince the public, and state officials.
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    Could have been a bobcat or lynx. There are few of those still in Ohio. I have seen one or two of them in Wayne County at night.
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    In March of 2003 I came home from a long trip overseas and I stopped at the Daffodil Trail In Richfield to sit and unwind for a little bit before going home. It was dusk and I heard some kind of death match going on in the woods a few hundred yards from the picnic table in the parking lot where I was sitting.
    It sounded like a rabbit death scream (do deer scream like that???) and I heard what sounded like the cougar in the old Lincoln Mercury commercials.
    I knew it wasn't a rabbit from the sounds of brush and small trees breaking. I figured it was a cougar taking down a deer.
    I wasn't about to go into the woods to see what was going on but ever since then I wondered if we had cougars in the national park.
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  16. I agree with Mr. Greer.

    There are no mountain lions living in Ohio.

    Has nothing to do with bears, or even with a wandering animal of some sort, whether it's wild or an escaped "pet" from somewhere, living off roadkill.

    The original statement was "there are no mountain lions living in Ohio." I'd love to see Greer's full quote. Maybe something like this???

    REPORTER: "So, do mountain lions live in Ohio?"

    GREER: "No, there are no mountain lions living in Ohio, however there may be an escaped exotic pet, but they usually don't survive. There is no evidence of a sutainable wild population of mountain lions in Ohio."

    It amazes me that there is so much animosity and anger pointed towards the wildlife biologist.

    And, for the record, I do think the folks in Richfield saw something... A cat of some sort. From what they described (including Lewzer) sounds like a big cat of some sort. I have no reason not to believe them and take them at their word on their belief that it was a mountain lion.
  17. "Science says big cats shouldn't be in Ohio, but science has declared animals extinct and been wrong. Who's to say it's right this time?"

    Ok - so I'll ask the question again......just WHY shouldn't big cats be in ohio??? As I stated before - we have everything here for them to survive - and they've been seen as close as Michigan and why aren't there any here?

    I'm being serious and not trying to be a smart ass - I'm trying to understand just why they "shouldn't" be here........
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    I'm guessing it has something to do with the numbers that would have to live in Ohio to establish a sustainable population. Just seeing one animal is far more likely to be an escaped pet, or a misidentified cat.

    Now, I don't know what kind of numbers of mountain lions need to be present in the wild to sustain a population, but I am going to venture a guess that it would be high enough that we would be having more than one or two iffy sightings.

    Aaaaaand, since we have no concrete proof of mountain lions in ohio the burden of proof falls on the shoulders of those saying that they do live in ohio ;)