Moultrie gamecam problem

Discussion in 'The Lodge' started by ostbucks98, Nov 25, 2008.

  1. This is my 3rd moultrie and all 3 have developed a problem with the flash not working.I bought one about 3 years ago and the flash quit working and it said low battery when it takes a picture in the dark.I had it for about a year so I bought another one from walmart and took the broken one back to get my money back.Well that one did the same thing last year.SO I exchanged for a 3rd time and now problem is back.I cant exchange again due to design change,lol.Ive tried different batterys and even have moultrie battery,charger and solar panel.Ive replaced little 3-volt watch battery.If I turn flash off camera works fine and has been out for about 3 weeks with no charge other than solar panel.With flash turned on "low battery" displays when camera tries to take a picture.Was wondering if anyone else has experieced this issue and had any luck fixing it.Camera works great during daylight hours but im only getting black pics at night and at the worst time,lol.
  2. yeah i had the same problem with mine too i had one flash go out and got another one and just last week the flash stopped working on mine so i took it to someone that knew alot about camras and they took it apart and said there is a sensor in the flash that was melted!so i took it back to cabelas and got the new cuddeback capture i took it out of the box put the batteries in it read the directions put the sd card in it and stuck it up the next day left it for 2 days before checking it and it read 0 pics and i dumped over a hundred pounds of corn in front of it so i dont know whats wrong with this one either!!just not having good luck with the trail cams here lately!