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  1. Currently, along with my food plots, I am supplemental feeding the deer on my property using gravity fed feeders. These are very easy and maintance free, but I am going through feed like it is going out of style. The deer, turkey, squirrels etc are eating 200lbs of corn in as quick as a 10 days. I live approx 90 min away from my property, so I am looking into a spin feeder that will limit the amount of feed distributed per day. I was looking at the Moultrie EZ fill that holds 200lbs. Any opinions on these feeders?

    Also, what kind of battery life can I expect out of a 6 volt battery?

    Thank you for your responses.
  2. I have a similar Moultrie feeder except it is the metal can on a higher tripod. The timer is the same. It is extremely easy to set up the times and battery life is flat out awesome, i have left mine go a month or longer and the life still shows in the 90% range - then I recharge it.

    I typically feed about 2.5 #'s of food a day which equates to about 12 seconds I think over 3 feeding events. The one you are looking at is nice because it has the tapered bottom so you won't waste any food, with a flat bottom you always have 5-10#'s of food still in it that won't feed out. Also the varmint metal cage is nice but the squirrels and coons will find a way to spin it to get more. Since this one is shorter make sure there is nothing that they can stand on underneath or they will robb you.

    I would recommend Moultrie, they seems to build a nice product.

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    Read the information on the Moultrie site about protein feeding versus carbs(corn). They suggest you start mixing in soybeans with the corn to eventually get them eating the beans for the needed protein. The corn doesn't do much for them, other than they like it.
  4. i had a nice moutrie feeder and some piece of $##$ stole it. we have a pic of the no good thieven bastard. you think in your own property it would be alright,but no. make sure if you purchase one and put it in adams county to lock it and concrete the tripod in the ground. the sad part is the d$%k is a older man well dressed and clean cut, no wonder he doesn't have to purchase his hunting equipment. "piece of %&^ no good a&%hole i hope you fall out your treestand and hang to death over the period of two long days." just venting, the feeder is great and the batteries last forever as said before.