Motorguide Trolling Motor Woes

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  1. Gave up on it-now in the marketplace.
  2. Since nobody has any suggestions (throw it away?), how about a good place to have it looked at?



    how about contacting the person u bought it off of ebay unless u already gave them feedback. the only other option like u said was take it somewhere and have it looked at. i dont know of any motorguide places well heck i dont even know where s-boro is. i know of one place that might look at it but i wont send anyone there. they had my minn kota trolling motor for a month and half and i will say i have never been jerked around so much in my life. ill care to share the name in a pm
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    Had a motorguide unit that we had for about 3 years and it started doing prety much what you said.....Ended up junking it. If it is new, I'd have it looked at. Do a search on google for service centers in your area. Good luck, Rob
  5. Ty Clarkson is a good authorized motorguide and minn kota tech in Westerville, but he's about 100 miles northeast of you.

    Boat Things
    156 Nicole Dr
    Westerville, OH 43081
    (614) 895-2628
  6. Thanks, Bob.
    I'll look him up when back from the military tourney down at Dale Hollow next week. Fingers are crossed that the old MG will hold up. Partner has a hand controlled TM as a backup just in case.
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    I had one of those in 81 lb thrust. There was a recall on those units years ago. There is some kind of circuit board in there that lets the motor start up slowly then get to speed. So you don,t get tossed out of the boat. Mine acted up several times when it was new then never had a problem with it.