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  1. After two long years I finally was able to get myboat out of storage.Iwastrying to get everything back together and running. I went to start the motor and it started but wouldn't stay running. It did this 3x and then it just would not fire up at all. It's getting gas which is fresh and I even sprayed some of that starterfluid in the carb Nothing! It's a 1978 evinrude 35 hp If anybody has any ideas on what's wrong and what I can do about it I would appreciate the Help.
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    Check for spark. Coil could have gotten weak and died when you started it. I have had coils go bad on rudes in the past.

  3. I had same troubel when I got my boat out of storage it was bad gas even put in new gas no help . My son told me how to check , take a clear glass jar and sipon some gas in to jar and let it set for awhile i was surprized what i saw in the bottem about one half inch of this gooy mess on bottem . so i sipon out two gallons at a time let it set then off the top and put the rest in another container , out of 12 gal of gas i got a gal an ahalf bad stuff. put some new gas in and put it in the water stared up and ran fine , if you put oil in your gas in time it goos up and goes to the bottem and lays there .Try it and see it helped mine . ( dannoll)
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    STOP SPRAYING STARTING FLUID INTO THAT MOTOR!!!!!it will blow your head gasket and cause more damage. make sure its new gas, not a mix of new and old. then pull a plug(is it wet?), clean it, rehook it to the wire and crank the motor and look for spark.

    you'll also want to replace to fuel filter.
  5. Thanks for the help We'llsee how it goes