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Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by freyedknot, Jun 5, 2005.

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    i was having trouble idling,but the motor ran good at all othespeeds. found out it was sucking air by the tank connection. switched to another tank, found out it was the gas line connection. still idling rough and stall out though every once in a while. figured the plugs might be fouled because of the air leak and the extra oil from the oil injection system . plugs were fine . so i decided to decarbonize the motor . WOW what a difference idles a lot low and runs smoother now.
  2. what kind of motor is it? and what is decarbonizing it mean.

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    it is a 2000, 40 hp ,2 cycle johnson. decarbonizing is spraying a chemical into the carb/motor and you let it stand for a few hrs to a full day. the carbon buildup is from (most likely) from the 50:1 oil mixture leftover residue.forgot about doing it till this week. may hit it again this weekend. a lot of gray matter came out of the exhaust.when completed.
  4. daduru, for all you want to know about decarb....go to and check out their faq's. Or do a search there and you'll find more than enough information. There are sevaral ways to do it, but as freyedknot alluded to the decarb will clean carbon buildup off of the piston walls and rings allowing for better compression and smoother running. NAPA carries the Seafoam Deep Creep used by most folks to accomplish the task.