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  1. I am replacing my 1988 Merc 25hp with a 1992 Force by Merc 40hp (the in between year) The electricals are the sme as merc but the controls are the force style. I replaced the control cables but seem to be missing the engine side cable clamps and swivel balls. Does anyone have one of these motors or know anything about these motors any help will be appreciated
  2. That is the worst thing you could possibly do!!!!!!!!!! At boatmasters we won't even work on Force motors! They are terribly engineered and small problems can quickly become a "can of worms' with these motors. These motors are a nightmare! Stick with your merc! If you need more power look at another manufacturer. Yes, I know Force is owned by mercury but they are not the same!

  3. Clearly he already has the Force motor, so why don't you give him some advice he can use. You have suggested you are an outboard why not help him out?

    There is plenty of testimony (albeit anecdotal) on this forum that Force motors aren't necessarily satan's spawn, as is commonly asserted. Here's an example.
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    Wow catman, that's pretty cruel. Hang in there Paston1, somebody here will help, I wish I could.
  5. I understand why some people are against Force motors, I would have bought a merc had I had the extra grand to buy one that was in need of a rebuild. This motor was a take off that had 10 hours on it and the guy didnt replace it for running issues (the thing runs great) he wanted bigger. Just like I do. It goes back the the old Ford Vs Chevy type scenario. If anyone does have a Merc 40 or 50 they would like to part with I will trade them 2 motors for one, But if not this is what I have
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    Force motors aren't as bad as some of the diehard OMC or Merc guys would lead you to believe.

    I've owned two. One ran without any problems for five summers and the other turned out to be a good motor after I chased out a couple of electrical gremlins.

    It sounds like you're looking for parts. Right?

    Check out Crowley Marine online. They've got exploded parts diagrams for lots of different motors. Try this link

    Good luck getting your motor setup.
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    Go to the FORCE forum at
    They'll help instead of flame.
    I own an OMC STRINGER... I know all about flaming.
  8. thanks guys, Crowley marine was the first one I saw that had a break down of the lower cowl and it actually show what I think I need. Any and all info is greatly appreciated keep it coming
  9. Listen, I did not mean to be cruel about this. I was just trying to save paston from having many more possible future headaches. If it were me I would have sold the force and the merc and went to buy something else with the money. Not all Force motors are cursed but plenty of them have been and that in itself would be enough to steer me in the other direction. I do not and did not mean any offense to anyone here. I am not a technician but I am a parts manager, I still see and hear about many of the problems firsthand. I was only trying to save Paston from what has been history for the Force motor.