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Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by jay2k, Aug 18, 2008.

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    Have a small motor problem, or I hope its small. The motor is a 97 tracker 40 horse ( merc )? Anyways the thing seems real hard to start every once in while. After it starts (when in neutral) when you put it in gear it stalls. rWhen the motor runs its great, but it is getting harder to start and get in to gear. The plugs are new, but are a bit dirty. When you clean them it helps. What can I do? Tune-up, carb, any help would be great. thanks.
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    My old 50 was doing something similar and what I found was a cracked rubber seal on the airbox (covers the carbs). It was allowing too much air to get in and not enough fuel. Other issue I had was it didnt want to idle, goose the throttle above idle and it would be ok but would die if i backed it all the way off in gear. Replaced that rubber ring and it seem to clear it up. When you say its hard to get in gear do you mean without it stalling or to actually push down on the throttle? Other things I could think of are bad cable or needs lubed, or possible something wrong with the linkage to the carbs, possibly binding up.