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Motor still wont start

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by twistertail, Jun 20, 2005.

  1. I cleaned the carb and put it back on, opened the fuel shut off:rolleyes: , and it still wont start. I dont think its getting any spark? I put a new spark plug in but that didnt do anything. Its a solid state ignition so there are not points to change. So anyone got any suggestions? I dont know the thing is called that has the wire going to the spark plug, maybe I need to replace that?
  2. BigChessie

    BigChessie BIG PIMPIN' "GIGELO"

    Did you pull the plug and see if it is sparking? Bummer it still won't run for you. Looks like ya better just give me it in trade and take my motor and boat. lol

  3. Whaler

    Whaler Whaler

    If you aren't getting any spark it may be a bad powerpack. Does it have a safety kill switch? If so be sure it is in the normal position or it won't start either.
  4. I didnt pull the plug yet but will do that but I'm sure its not firing at all. If things keep going like they are you will be able to pick up the motor at the bottom of the river! HA
  5. Is the powerpack a little box that has a wire going to the spark plug? I dont think it has a safety kill, its a 76 Ted Williams motor.
  6. Looking at the manual it looks like the part with the wire that goes to the plug is called the transformer, does that sound right??
  7. I've got a couple like that too. The pull cord came out again. So much for duct tape fixing everything. :rolleyes: I think I'm going to have to solder it this time. I'm almost to the point of sinking them and maybe next season some crappies will move in on them. I don't think I have anything I can add that might help. Let me know when you are going to sink your's and maybe we can sink them all together and have a nice crappie hangout next year.
  8. Sounds good to me. At least I have the electric motor that works but we will have to sink them pretty close to shore so we can get to it and back.
  9. Twister have you tried starting fluid?Sometimes old engines don't have a good spark at first,but after getting them started the first time they do ok.
  10. No didnt try that, I'll give that shot before I start getting new parts. Do I take the spark plug out and spay the fluid in there and then try to start it?
  11. Hold the throttle wide open,give it a small shot in the carb ,return throttle to start postion,then try starting it.
  12. Got it! Thanks for all the help. I hope to get this thing running some day so I can stop with all the dumb questions.
  13. That's true. My trolling motor gets me where I'm going just not very quickly. Kind of scary when a storm moves in.
  14. Mine is only 17lb thurst and it moves the boat but not very fast at all! If I cant get the other motor working I may end up getting a bigger trolling motor.
  15. I've got a 40lb thrust. Zips right along except for when the battery gets low. Then it starts to slow a little. I was looking at buying a motor like yours but since you've had all the problems I think I'll wait. By the time you get yours running you should be an expert so if I buy one you can work on it. :D
  16. I probably will be an expert by the time its done! Every thing looks good but it just wont fire. Hopefully the starter fluid will get it going.
  17. Want to quit our jobs and open a repair shop? I'll cover the Scott Atwaters and Firestone's and you cover the Ted Williams motors and we'll pretend on anything else. Between the two of us I'm sure we have enough knowledge to make it seem like we know what we are doing.
  18. Hey that sounds good to me as long as we could pretend that we go fishing every once in a while.

  19. We have to test the motors we "fixed" right? So we get out on the water, kill the motor. Then we go to leave and the motor doesn't start so we have to fish our way back to the dock right? It might take a couple hours or all day. We'll just have to take an emergency supply of minnows and other baits to help get us back to the docks. ;) :D
  20. Good thinking, its best to be prepared!