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Motor shaft size

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by bigfishtommy, Apr 8, 2005.

  1. Here is a simple question for all of the boat owners out there: I am picking up my first boat on 4/23. It is a 16 ft alum Sea Ray. I will need to purchase a trolling motor for it. I know I need to buy a 40-55 lber. How do I determine what shaft size to buy for her?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. I lot of it depends on how far your boat sits off the water and what type of waters your going to be fishing.

    Most people go with the standard 42" Shaft that fish Ohio inland lakes. When your building a boat for erie then they start to move up in shaft sizes. The other time you might move up in shaft sizes is if you have a BIG boat and need a longer shaft for that reason.

    I'd recommend a 60-74lb thrust for a 16ft boat with the standard 42" shaft.

    Here is a good site for stepping you through and answering some of those questions but I'm not sure I agree with all its conservative answers:

  3. Bill,

    Thanks very much for the good information. I printed this page and I will definitely refer to it and your advice.

  4. I have a Minnkota PD50 with 48" shaft on my 16' deep V side console aluminum Starcraft and 42" would be better. The 50# screams me around, but my boat is relatively light at less than 1000# including Merc 40, but no gear.
  5. Thanks, JMJ.

    I will probably go with something between 50-60 lbs because of your recommendations combined with Minn Kota's. Thanks for the help.