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  1. Hi I am new to this site but I have viewed it before.It seems to be filled with good people and is very informative.I have a problem with my boat motor and am looking for help.To start it is a '88 sportcraft 222 offshore with a 225 horse omc outboard.The motor is loading up and will not stay running.Installed a new mixer pump last year.All cylinders are readingbetween 75-85lbs.Any help or good omc mechanics #'s would be greatly appreciated.THANKS
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    Not good. 75-85 lbs compression (way too low)tells me the top rings are badly carboned up and pushed out and broken. Cylinders are probably scored and missing pieces of rings went out the finger ports. Tops and edges of pistons are probably badley chewed up. Engine will barely idle.
    Very common problem on those motors. You have to run carbon guard in those motors. Pull the heads and check the pistons and bores now before you run that mota' anymore. Raider

  3. LakeRaider thanks for the info.Do you know any omc mechanics I'm was thinking it would probably need at least a top end rebuild but was just trying to get others input thanks
  4. lakeraider IS THE MAN!!!! take this guy seriosly!! dont know him but he has enough horsepower to send a speedboat to the MOON!!!:p anything under 100 psi tells there is a problem...i would have GUESSED a head gasket and problly been WRONG!!he knows motors!!! OR he has been pulling our legs for a LONG time!!!LOL!!
  5. I am taking LakeRaider seriosly thats why I asked for help I was also looking for a heads up on a good omc mechanic any info is geatly appreciated thanks everyone
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    gee thanx! LOL I guess my rep is from pushin' the limit and blowin' them up! lol
    Guys, everybody here knows I,m a Merc nut, but, Iv,e also run OMC'S and the problem was just so textbook I chimmed in. Do pull the heads and have a look see yourself. A bore scope won,t tell all the story. It isn,t a blown head gasket. All 6 are down. Unless your at a different sea level ( which can effect comp readings) (like your in Colorado) (and youre not) and even then its only 10 lbs to the low side. Unless a water pump took a dump and you overheated the mota SEVERLY and that can really twist a block out of shape. OMC,S are cold natured and carbon up quickley. Idle a lot and they really get cranky. If you want, throw some carbon guard in the fuel tank and run the motor at about 3,000 rpm after she warms up. Theres going to be black crud in your driveway big time out the prop. Pick a reputable engine builder. If you use weisco pistons for the rebuild MAKE SURE you let that engine idle for at least 4 hrs with 3 shutdown-cool off periods. Then the 10 hrs running break in. Weiscos have a different expansion-contraction period than the OMC factory pistons. If you don,t use this break in procedure the motor won,t last. zfish and a few others have seen what has happened with some of my motors using weiscos with out a long break in period even using double oil. At WOT the piston expands to fast, starts to seize and melts. Hangs up in the finger ports and pulls the connecting rod out of the piston. OUCH! $3,000 rebuild (done correctly) down the drain. And these guys have seen the motors in my shop where this has happened.Piston and ring clearances are SO critical on a rebuild for longevity. I can go on and on here.
    I can give you 1 name to trust with your rebuild. GORE. He,s the OMC guru.
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    knox marine on knox lake , some of the best rude mechanics in the state. and most work is done by oppointment, so theres no waiting for months for an estimate.i drive there from cleveland if and when i need work done.
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    Call and talk to Tim at Cranberry Creek Marina. One of the few that I know and trust.

  9. Thanks for everyones responses I will take a head off and take a look I know a guy that can get me all the parts fairly cheap but a little gun shy about 2 stroke rebuild straight gas motors not a problem 2 strokes not much of an idea thanks again for everyones help