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  1. I own a 16' Sea Nymph, finished with floor boards, steering console, seats, etc.

    A few years back I bought a new 40 HP engine for it. The dealer mounted it for me and I was good to go.

    Since that time I had removed the floor boards and found that all the polyurethane foam that was under there had soaked up a probably a couple hundred pounds of water. I ripped it out, replaced the foam and replaced the boards.

    Since that time the boat just does not run right. It had been pulling to the right at higher speeds and I tried adjusting the trim tabs. Will pulling that weight out of the boat screw with the mount job they did?

    When I removed all the old foam, most of the water seemed to be on the right side of the boat, but the boat is now listing to the right, even at rest.

    I'm assuming they did some sort of testing/adjustment with the boat in the water when they were installing the motor.

    Thanks for any insight.

  2. You mention trim tabs. Did you mean the torque tab on the motor?

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    the motor should be installed in the middle? if it lists ,then it must be the weight distribution??? gas tanks battery etc,etc.
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