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  1. My old trolling motor is slowing dieing and wont make it through another season, so after this year I'm gonna need to purchase a new one, currently I have a 65 lb thrust motor guide, Has given me some trouble, foot peddle switch is known to go out replaced it three times in 5 years. Overall happy with the performance. so with that i'm leaning towards getting another motor guide.

    But before I buy a new one, I'd like to hear your preferance to which you prefer and why. Couple of my buddies have minn kota's and they swear buy them, thats why I'm asking. any comments is appriciated... :C
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    Either is a good choice. I have a Motor Guide and only two time in 9 years have I had to have it repaired. The first was a bad switch. The second was a burnt out motor. For as much as I use mine I'd say that's a darn good deal. The last time I had it repaired I did have it upgraded to a 76 lb. thrust from a 50. I don't think you can do that with a minn kota. Again, both are good motors.

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    Dunno if they've fixed this issue on the MK's, but on the PD series the foot pedals would short out and fry if they got wet. A good hard rain was enough to do it, and replacements were about $70. STRONG motors, but that foot pedal was crap.
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    I think either way you go they are both great motors. For me, I give a slight edge to MinnKota as I like their carbon fiber shafts vs. the Motorguides stainless steel shaft. To each their own...
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    Iv'e had my Motorguide since 1996 and the only problem Iv'e had is a burnt switch. As far as MK having a composit shaft, I have heard that they can shattered when hitting something very hard. I hit a stump in the upper end of Alum one day going as fast as the MG would run. Just about pitched me over the boat (a 20ft bassboat) Didn't bend the shaft at all, did put stresscracks on my boat deck though. Also go look at the MK, the motor is alot bigger than the MG and heavy. Go to Bass Pro shops or somewhere and look at them side by side. I think you will like a MG better. Just my 2 cents
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    I don't think you can hit a MinnKota shaft hard enough to shatter it when it's on the boat. Maybe if you smacked it with a hammer or something you could give it enough of a shock, but you'll never do it on the boat. I have hit things with mine and the shaft has flexed back almost far enough to hit the boat. (It hasn't yet and the time it did I was on high and T-boned a 24" stump that was 8" under muddy water. It about flung me out of the boat.) That's probably a foot and a half of motion.

    I have, on the other hand, bent two MG shafts hitting objects and pretty much every MG I see has a tweak in the shaft. A good friend of mine in Louisiana who runs a trolling motor shop will testify- he replaces 10 times more MG shafts than MK shafts.

    I don't know about the PD pedals either. Mine has been swimming twice on my current PD and my first got rained on more than once. I never had an issue. My first PD is still on the Sea Nymph that I sold to a GFO'er several years ago as far as I know.

    Can you tell I'm a MK guy? LOL I just don't see a comparison as I've had both and the MK is obviously superior in my book.

  7. 3 yrs and two dead foot pedals on my PD50 and I don't use it that much! If you buy a power drive, get a spare $70 foot pedal and keep boat out of wet conditions (teehee).....
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    I have never had a motorguide fail. I have never had a minnkota fail. Whoops, I have never run a minnkota. Guess MG at this camp. Raider
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