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  1. I have a 14' jon boat that I currently use an electric motor on. I would like to upgrade to an outboard this year and need your advice. The motor would be used on my jon boat and also on my friends 12' V-hull (a heavier boat). Both boats are aluminum.

    I assume that the motor weight is an issue on boats of this size. I would like to spend somewhere in the $1000 for either a new or used motor. I am assuming that something in the 5 -10 hp range would be about right? I would like to have enough power to be able to get around pretty easily on lakes like Ceasars or CJ Brown, something more than "trolling" speeds.

    I am seeking advice from those more knowledgeble on this subject.

    Thank you in advance for your help.
  2. I've used both a 1950's Mercury Mark 5 as well as my current Yamaha 6 hp 4 stroke on a 16' jonboat. Both were adequate performers for most any inland lake with two people in the boat. Mostly depends upon your budget. There are plenty of good, used motors on the market in this category, so you don't have to spend a fortune. I like my Merc for the portability factor, but the Yamaha can't be beat for reliability and quiet performance.
    What horsepower is your boat rated for (look for the tag, probably on the transom)? Do not exceed the recommended HP rating.

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    A 9.9 sounds perfect for your boats. A thousand bucks should get you a very nice, later year model.
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    check the motor hp rating for both boats shold be on the capacity plaquethat is riveted to the inside of the boat, and buy one that does not exceed the smaller hp rating of the 2 boats.most 12's and 14's have different hp ratings.
  5. Thanks for the quick response guys.

    As far as budget goes, I would like to stay in the $1000 range. I can afford more but I have to consider how much time I will have to use it so that I guess is factored into my decision. I don't want to spend a lot if I can only get out a couple of times a month.

    I should have probably mentioned in my first post that unless it is a 327 Chevy, I know very little about motors. What exactly is a "four stroke"? I know that some smaller motors use a mixture of gas and oil, some straight gas. What are your opinions there?

    I looked at the tag on my transom and my boat is rated for 10 hp. This information is probably not available on my friends boat as his transom rotted out an we replaced it a few years back.

    Thanks again for your input, very much appreciated.
  6. Two stroke is an oil and gas mixture. You usually get a little more speed with these and they are lighter engines. Some lakes are starting to not allow them (out West mostly) but it could start happening here.
    Four stroke is srtaight gas (not a mixture). Usually heavier and not as fast. Most people prefer this newer addition to the boating industry especially in the smaller engines. Alot quieter and better idling, trolling performance.
    Your friends 12 foot boat may not accept a 10hp motor especially a four stroke. Some lakes will check for the tag and if it is not on the boat you could be ticketed.
    Another thing to consider is whether you have a short transom (15") or a long (20") and get a motor that fits accordingly.
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    2S will be most of the older motors, 4S with in in last ten years. 2S gas and oil mixed at the tank and acts as lubricate as well as fuel, and less pricey, and will smoke. 4S Quiet, cleaner more efficent, and more pricey. I would recommend Johnson/Evenirude, Honda, Mercury, Mariner. A deal on a motor may haunt you if parts are not available. I would stay away from anything not made after 1977. This is just my thoughts, with a thousand to spend get something good. In the southwest may have what you need.
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    Good point. I would guess that most 14' john boats would require a short shaft motor, but there are always special cases. Be sure to measure your transom and check the motor before you buy.
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    Check out They sometime have some good deals on there.

    I have a 7.5 HP Gamefisher that I bought off a member from here and I believe its an early '80's model and it still runs like a champ. Two or three pulls and it fires right up. The only draw back is that it is an air-cooled motor so I cannot run it at full RPM for a long time during a very hot day. Just be on the look out and check the local papers and craigslist.

    The motor pushes my 14' jon pretty easily with me, my brother, and all our fishing gears. I do not know the miles per hour but it does a ton better than my two trolling motors together. :)
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    my 14' jon has a 6hp on it and does fine. ive seen them for sale around 250$ heck i think there is one on dayton daily news classifieds.