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Well took the wife out today was going to do some prefishing for my tournament but then though well its her day and it would be nice to relax. So we got on the lake about noon and got off the lake around 6pm.

We went threw 6 dozen minnows and caught well over 50 crappie. We ended up keeping 15 for some dinner and the biggest was 12 1/2 inchs

Caught some early on in shallow water by brush then we moved to cpl other spots they were not producing. Hit another spot just off the main lake and cleaned up again. Then finished the day at our first spot but the fish had moved off the bank some and we were catching them in about 10ft

Had a great time just fun fishing going to have to let one of the boys skip school and go out with me this week LOL.

Oh ya funny fish my wife caught i tell here cast over between those two downed trees well she did right threw them and got hung up high in the tree but the bobber and minnow made it to the water so shes trying to get it out about that time a blue gill hits it now shes in a tree with a fish LOL. I did manage don't know how to get it out and she then reeled it in.

Was a good day.

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