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Motels near Tanners Creek

Discussion in 'Ohio River Fishing Reports' started by Wayne Paterson, May 22, 2007.

  1. I am fishing the a tournament the end of June. Can someone give me some motels close by that will let you plug in a bass boat. All I can seem to find are the ones in the high trafic areas in Laweranceburg, I remember staying at one on the main drag by Tanners years ago but dont remember the name. They say we are going out of Laweranceburg Marina on Tanners Creek drive. Is this the ramp in Tanners Creek? Thanks for any help on this matter you can give, Reply here or PM me Thanks, Wayne
  2. Yeah, that is Tanners creek, any motel there on the strip should let you keep your boat, Ive done it in many other places. I fish tournaments out of there as well so they should be used to it.

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    need to get me a room reserved as well any info will help thanks.
  4. Yeah, it's the ramp on Tanner's, as pathetic as it is. I am not sure about the hotel, but if you look up hotels in Lawerenceburg, and look for ones on 50 (I know the one your talking about by Tanner's creek).................maybe Hampton Inn, I am not sure. I will be at the tourney as well.
  5. I'll try to help. First thing, if you are looking for the Lawrenceburg Marina on Tanners Creek you will sooner bag a snipe on a snipe hunt. Years ago (20 or 30?) there was talk of a developer building a marina but it never materialized. The ramp is your basic Corps of Engineers built ramp that you can launch 4 or 5 boats at a time. It is lacking the luxury of having any docks. The area is leased to and maintained by the city of Lawrenceburg and they haven't wasted too much of their casino money on it. Personally, I hope they never build docks because as soon as they do some jackazz will be sitting on one fishing. There is a large parking lot with faint lines unless they have painted this year. Occasionally, you may find a port-o-let and/or a dumpster.

    As far as lodging goes, if you turn east on Route 50 from the I-275 ramp you have a relatively new (1-2 years old) Comfort Inn.

    Going west the first place to stay is the Wishing Well Motel. I know absolutely nothing about it other than it has been there forever under a couple of different names. It may be clean or it may not, I have never spoken to anyone who has ever stayed there. It is part of a small truckstop type place with fuel and a 24 hour diner. It may be kind of noisy but it might be your best shot for running an extension cord out of your room to your boat.

    Next, heading west, you have a Quality Inn, a Holiday Inn Express, and the Riverside Inn (blatant false advertising the river is not next door). Riverside is probably less than 10 years old the other two may be five years old. I've seen bass boats at all of them but you may have to do some creative parking to keep the trailer hooked up while parked. Riverside may be the most fisherman friendly, there are a lot of boats there on tournament weekends.

    The next stop is the Argosy Casino. I don't know if they allow boats in the parking garage or not. If they do you may get lucky and find a plug on a support post somewhere.

    There used to be two small family owned motels west of Aurora. One was called the Hillcrest Motel and I can't remember the other name. I have no idea if they are still there or not.