Most memorable fishing trip?

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  1. Just to keep the fun cabin fever threads going, what is your most memorable fishing trip you've ever been on?

    Mine would have to be Presque Isle, two years ago. It was my dad, my brother and myself. The weather was just absolutely perfect. It was probably about late may or early june, primetime bass fishing. We were having a pretty decent day, and then I decided to tie on a Senko (a bait that, at the time, we had never used before and didn't know much about.) For whatever reason, Senko's to the bass were like needle's to a junkie that day. We started catching them almost every single cast in Misery Bay. We were having an absolute blast.
    Several boats circled us with their trolling motors watching us haul in bass after bass. Of course my brother and I made a point of always making some type of verbalization when we had one so the other boats would see how well we were doing:D . Finally, we got the ultimate fisherman's compliment: A couple guys in a boat motorored over and embarassingly asked "What are they hittin on?" So we decided to share the wealth, but unfortunately for them they didn't have any Senko's.
    This went on for hours until we realized we were starting to get low on Senko's! We had blown through 4 bags easily. Anyone who has ever fished with them knows they're not the most durable of baits. So it then came down to a race of who was going to be the last person to run out. When one of us would hook up, the person who wasn't hooked up had to grab the net...not to net the fish, but to scoop up the Senko if the bass threw it right at the boat! As it turns out my dad was the last one to run out, but he was happy to sell us each his remaining 2 for a couple bucks ( ha ha he gave our money back later).
    All in all, we never really got a count, but estimated that we caught somewhere around 75 largemouth that day. Needless to say my thumb was raw for weeks. Easily my most memorable fishing trip.

    What's yours?
  2. Surf fishing @ South Point (Hatteras Inlet, NC) - I was probably 13 or 14 yrs old.

    The wind blew hard out of the east steadily for several days before our arrival. The day we arrived the wind layed down to completely and we were treated with the cleanest, clearest water conditions I've ever seen north of Florida. The steady east winds had driven clean, warm gulf-stream water to within just a couple miles of the beach. Bluefish, spanish mackeral, seatrout and flounder were thick in the inlet. For a few consectuive days there was so much bait running thru the inlet during tide changes that the clear water was absolutely black with baitfish....huge schools of bait, many acres across. The blues and spanish were schooled up and worked into and thrashing, boiling, all-out feeding frenzy. They pushed the school of bait up against the beach right at our feet. Thousand of baitfish stranded themselves on the sand to avoid certain death had they remained in the fury of voracious predators that took chase.

    We stood on the beach watching all of this unfold. Diving gulls and pelicans swarmed in from above, the water boiled constantly with the activity of the colliding schools of toothy predators and pray just below the surface. Every cast of a spoon or bucktail resulted in a hookup with a hard pulling 8-15# bluefish or 3 to 5# spanish mack. My entire family, including my mother and sister got into the mix...A family of four with rods in hand furiously casting to the errupting school of fish only 20 or so yards off the beach.

    Once the tide slowed and the bluefish blitz tapered off we were able to net as much bait as we wanted we drifted live finger mullet with the current around the point at the inlet and caught all the keeper sized flounder we could eat.

    This same situation was repeated on each incoming and outgoing tide for several days. That was one heck of a fishing trip!!

  3. Manitoulin Island in 1959

    I was six and my grandparents took me on my first fishing expedition. We drove up to Niagra and I saw the falls for the first time. Then went on up into Ontario and caught an all night car ferry from Tobermory. This was the first time I had seen one of the great lakes or been on a boat other than a row boat. There was a bad storm that night and many passengers got sick. I had a blast.
    On Manitoulin we stayed in a cabin with only electric lights. My grandmother cooked on a woodstove and there was an icebox on the porch. We fished in several lakes on the island for perch, pike and smallmouth. Caught perch to use as pike bait. One evening while fishing the lake the cabins were on a bull moose walked out into the water near our boat. Another time a mink came up and tried to steal some perch I had on a stringer. And I remember playing in the sawdust in the ice barn for the camp. The place was owned by a family named Steel. At the end of the week they had everyone over for a fish dinner and they used some of the fish I had caught. I have never been back and don"t think I ever want to because it would all be different and I like it the way I remember it.
  4. Boundary waters and/or quetico provincial park. Each time I have a chance to visit is special.
  5. My favorite was my junior year of high school. St. Patrick's day was somewhat of a unofficial skip day at high school and since I wasn't into the party scene, I asked my dad if I could head out to his friend's father's lake. He said he'd let me know in the morning, and sure enough, about the time I'd usually get up for school I walk out of my bedroom to see him sitting in the living room with our tackle boxes, a cooler, and spooling his reel.

    Not only did I get to participate in the skip day, but dad called off work and went fishing with me. We always do well there as the lake gets ZERO pressure (there are about 4 people who fish it regularly). I don't remember how many we caught, or even how long we stayed, but the day with dad was memorable and the way he sprung it on me was great. (I caught 101 bass there last May for reference, but being that it was March, we probably only caught 50 or so).

    Nice thread.
  6. Lake Lamark in norther Quebec about the early 1970s.

    The last 150 miles was on a gravel road and once at our destination, we put the boats in the river and went upstream through about 7 sets of rapids and then through another lake. ( I didn't mention that I was 35 years younger at the time) and then set up camp on an island ( Bears can't swim. Or at least thats what we told ourselves.)

    It was early July and we caught over 50 walleye per day, per person. We never counted the pike which were just as plentiful. Ate walleye every night and came home fatter and happy.
  7. Tarpon fishing in Puerto Rico with my wife...for a few reasons.

    first it was a great day to fish...mid 70's, nice breeze etc...

    we were using light tackle, and got into the big guys...fighting each for 35 minutes to 51 minutes (shortest and longest.)

    we landed all that we hooked (something we were told we would not do...)

    we each landed the biggest fish we ever caught (my was 5 ft 2", hers was 43", bith were monsters in the belly, weighing over average for fish their length according to our guide (who holds 18 world records..)

    but here's the best part....

    I had reserved the trip on a credit card, as asked by the guide a week before we went...

    and we fished our half day (5 hours) and were back at the ramp, ecstatic with our day, his work, etc....he and my wife hand fed pelicans our left over bait....

    Then I you just want to charge the card number I gave you, or do you need to swipe it..?

    "you have to be kidding's cash only."

    "uh, no....and I don't have 300 in cash on me. I can write you a travelers check..."

    " only."

    so the cab pulls up (he called it on our way in..)

    the two go back and forth in spanish, and they usher us into the cab...

    we drive into the world's nastiest looking ghetto and go to a bank...where very little if any English was spoken....I have to walk through metal detectors, and am escorted by a cop to the counter....where I have to play cherades to explain that I need 300 bucks cash off of my credit card...

    then I go out and pay the guide, who's parked next to my cab....

    I lean into his car, pay him a wad of cash, and a nice tip, and shake his hand...he rapidly pulls away because he has another client coming in an hour...

    I turn around to see a San Juan policeman....looking at me very curiously....

    "what did you pay him for.?" in very broken english....

    "I owed him 300 bucks."





    "i.d. please..."

    after a few minutes...I explain everything, and he's okay...but my cabby never stopped the meter...and that cost me even more.......
  8. ise fishing at simcoe!!! rattletraprex,reeldirty1,and I went there feb 2006...on our waywe stopped for a coffee break about an hour north of the border...reeldirty1 comes out of the store and says he paid with a 10 dollar american bill and the clerk looked at him funny and gave him a handfull of what he called rupples!!!! lmao!!! new we were in for a hoot!!! mind you we did not get any canadien cash spent american and most places had no idea of the conversion rate!!! rex bought a 2 doller item with a five and got change for a fifty!!!! oy yea the fishing was great!!! 1200 pearch in 5 days and ogf co-anglers of the month!!!
  9. 4-5 years ago my dad won an all expenses paid fishing trip to crocodile bay lodge in costa rica. 4 days of all you could eat, drink, and all you could fish. Didn't catch or land much but pop caught a big rooster and I had a nice sailfish on the hook for a couple minutes. Did I mention it was all you could eat and drink? Unbelievable trip.
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    pymatuning, saturday before memorial day, 1981. by buddy and i trolled white bellied, bass colored hot n tots on the north end outside of weedbeds. caught 32 eyes, kept 16 (limit was 8 at that time), the smallest was 19 inches. what a ball.
  11. mine is of my sailfish picture here.puerto vallarta,mexico,sept. of '06. we went out 80 miles on the pacific,the water was almost a purple color . caught bait on the way out,2 or 3 at a time on one rod and they averaged 3-5 lbs. had a 10 hr. trip caught some beautiful smaller fish,but this sailfish was around 7' long and put up a great acrobatic display!definitely worth the 900.00 whether my wife thinks so or not!
  12. catching my first musky ever at lake of the woods, in ontario in 2005. we aslso caught over 40 pike, over 100 smallies and a million walleyes...haha..i also managed to bag a handful of decent sized largemouths...ANd..IM GOING BACK THIS JUNE!!...WOO!
  13. mine would have to be the last time my son and I went out on erie before he was deployed to Iraq. Went out that day and had a blast with perch, walleye smallmouth and the occasional farm animal. Nothing special as far as the fish we caught, just a great all around day with my boy that I will never forget.
  14. Mine is going up to sue st marie in Michigan fishing for northerns,with my dad and grandfather. While trolling spoons a sea gull swooped down grabbed my dads spoon and flew away. He had to reel in the gull to get the hook out while the rest of the flock buzzed around us. NEVER FORGET THAT TRIP!
  15. Whaler told me where to find some of the big stripers at WB. Younger son and I started fishing at 4:30/5 AM and by 8:30, we could barely hold a rod due to the lactic acid burn in our arms and hands from reeling in those hogs! We landed 8 and kept two-the largest to mount(46", 26.5#) and a smaller one(39in., 19.5#) to eat(they are great eating fish?). We caught the first ones over the old creek channel at 25' on small gills and crappie using light surf rods. The activity literally started a feeding frenzie on top so the last couple, we caught on bass casters with one ounce deertail jigs cast to the boils and reeled as fast as we could. The big one pulled my boat(16R SeaNympth w/ 25HP Johnson) on it's first run approximately 100 yds. across the dam face. Even hooking into a 20+ lb. Chinook salmon on Rocky River could not equal the fight one of those big stripers delivered!
  16. Mine is the first time I went fishing. Can't remember much about the trip....was about 4 or 5 yrs old. I do however remember what we caught....I was telling everyone....2 carp and 3 catfish. Monongahela river in Pittsburgh.
  17. Flew into this lake 10 years ago with 5 other Buddies and stayed for 7 days.
    One day me and my boat partner found a small stream flowing into this lake.
    We threw in a couple jigs and doubled on the walleye. They were stacked in there and since we were keeping score all week we decided to see who could catch 100 first. After 2 1/2 hours he won, 100 to 89. One of the other boats in our group pulled in near the end and they were hauling them out too. They were even catching ones that broke off from us and still had our jigs in their mouths.
    I will never live to experience anything like this again. This is why we pay a lot of money to go there every's worth it !
  18. Its funny but I bet most of these post are probably more about family and friends than the actual fish...... Mine is, mid-late 70's my dad and I pulling boat on shore at Bob's lake in Canada during a wicked thunder storm with Bob Segar's Night Moves on the radio. Grandpa had invited us up to fish for walleye and man the fishing was incredible. EVerytime I here that song I go back there.
  19. Mine was this past summer on Granite Hill Lake at PK Resorts. My buddy and I walked to a small portage lake for pike fishing with a single canoe on it. We are not canoe experts by any means but managed to catch and release a few over the course of an hour. We decided to troll a couple of silver/black rapala's while we paddled across a deeper side of the lake. I remember my pole jerking and in one motion yelling "I've got a big one on". As we both turned to look, the canoe turned over and we started swimming for the shore with the canoe in tow. I never let go of my rod. When we got to shore and realized the only thing hurt was our ego, we could not stop laughing realizing what we must have looked like going over. My pole was still tugging, so I brought in the most beautiful dark gold, almost black Walleye I have ever seen. It measured over 28" and was the largest Walleye I have ever caught. I gladly released her to be caught next year when we return. The best part was my buddies line was tangled in mine so we were able to pull in his rod that had been lost during the incident. Stories like these are what keep me coming back.