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    Know anyone who just does ferry service of a sort from Catawba out on the ice and back on a daily basis, wanna hit the lake this weekend but dont wanna do the LONG walk out and back, yes Nitro Im a wuss but also 18 years older than you LOL. Any assist on this matter greatly appreciated.
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    oh well geeez. i am sure you could find a ferry if you showed off those sexy legs..... :) ha!! thats almost as funny as that dam squirrel...
    No for real though i would love to do a day trip with you and just grab my dads wheeeler in akron, but as every one knows....THE STEELERS ARE PLAYING MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Capt Mike will take guys out daily. I'm going with him this Saturday. Pretty good price. Takes you out and drills holes, provides minnows, and the rest is up to you unless you want the full guide service. His number is 419-308-6925
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    sounds good....anybody else offer this airboat ride?......
  5. Sounds good to me. Think I'll give this guy a call.

    Wonder what's included in the "full" guide service....a lay-z-boy recliner and remote :confused:.
  6. Whats he charging?
  7. I called capt. mike last week the 2 rates that he gave me were $100.00; includes heated shanty, holes, equipt., minnows, ride, and probably other stuff that I'm forgeting(maybe even a vex?) $60.00; includes holes, relocation, ride out, I believe minnows and holes. I'm not for certain on all of the details but you can surely call for details. Believe me after trying to do it on my own, these prices are a bargain. His # is 419-308-6925
  8. Just got off the phone with Capt Mike and booked a trip for sunday. He said a saturday booking is doable but will be very hectic.
    (enhanced) taxi service is $60 per man / per day
    Full service is $100 per man / per day
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    Is the $60 round trip or each way?
  10. ..$60.00 Bucks better be for a round trip.....Jim....
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    I beleive he takes you out, drills your holes and gives you bait and checks with other groups that he has taken so that he can put all his customers on fish. Then at the end of the day takes everyone back to shore. Thats what he did a couple years ago. I've got a bud out with him today, waiting to here how it went.