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Discussion in 'Southeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Cat Man, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. what to do when the pond is covered in moss
  2. Yeah, that's tough. All I do is run a rubber frog across the top, and usually a bass with inhale it through the moss. (You can find the frogs at walmart) Or, try throwing out a rubber worm, w/ no weight, and dragging it across.

  3. OSU_Fisherman

    OSU_Fisherman Bassin' Buckeye

    I'm glad that this was posted because I just got back from AEP and several great looking ponds were infested with moss. Unfortunately, I dont have a hollow rubber frog.... but I'll invest in one before the next trip.

    I had one nice 3lb LM Bass that came out of the moss and blew up my Mepps Aglia dressed rooster tail fished just sub-surface.
  4. Find another place to fish ! The frustration ain't worth it.
  5. i was pulling a rubber frog across and caught a total of nine 5 and 6 pound bass that came up through the moss, but i didn't know if i was lucky or there was a beter way to do it.
  6. just kidding. the scum frogs you get a walmart for like 2 bucks work great ive caught quite a few nice bass this year on them ! not to get off the subject of moss but i have caught some of my biggest bass with a 3/8 to 1/2 oz strike king skirted jig in green with an added rattle and uncle josh green pork frog trailer! pond bass SMASH this setup!:B[​IMG][​IMG]