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  1. I went to skeeter on the south side. launched from the state park entrance. drifted in 11-14 feet with no luck then moved onto 20ft where we managed to find some submerged structure. As soon as i anchored, we were on crappie. used the microspoons/ minnow and got a nice batch of fish. i did miss quite a bit of fish though. i was setting the hook too hard and i felt it being ripped out of there mouth. Might go again midweek. I am really enjoying the boat. so far the best investment of my life.
  2. glad you found some , did you find a eye or two? I:LL be there tue early .red lund red ford.

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    Peple, I'm glad you found the crappies. :B

    Fishing from a boat has its own set of challenges and rewards doesn't it! !%
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    just wait until next year when you start thinking, i need a bigger boat or i need a new toy for the never stops.:p enjoy. good to see your getting out and using it.
  5. Bounty, i didnt get any eyes while i was out there but i did have a nice fish get off halfway up.

    Im already thinking of getting a bigger motor.
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    I have a 40hp 4 sale, something tells me it would look awful sweet on that boat!
  7. i bet it would but right now i just dont have the $$$
  8. BOAT! A hole in the water, that one pours money into. lol. it never ends.
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    Went over for a few hours this morning. What a beautiful morning. Fished next to bountyhunter for a while then went down lake to finish the morning. Ended with 20 crappies, 5 bluegills, and a perch. No big crappies but some good size eaters. 2 of the gills were 9" and the perch was 10". Wish i could have stayed longer but have a Dr. appointment at 4. Going back in the morning. Hope the wind stays down.
  10. must nice to live close , I got 11 crappie . 9eyes all the 7and 8inch ones . kept deep at the bridge hoping for a couple big ones .
  11. Bring Out Another Thousand!!!!