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  1. Anyone watching the game or saw all the mosquitoes on that Yankee pitcher? Until today I wanted to rid the world of these pesky lil devils but finally I have found a use for them!
  2. Probably muffleheads. We sho live near the lake are used to them. This warmer weather and slight bump in the Erie nearshore temps probably caused another hatch. Have seen them much thicker.

  3. Ya I live on the lake also and have seen them as thick as clouds! But they showed some closeups and he was being Bit!
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    Canadian Soldiers... Craig Sager just said they had a early hatch because it's been so warm lately.
  5. ya, guess it was only the 2nd most annoying bug in our area :( I was hoping for Mosquito's!... Back to my plans on ridding the planet of them.