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Went with Bapenn to Mosquitoe and fished from 430 PM till Dark. We went off the cemetary and found the crappie in the brush. Most were pretty small but Brian seemed to have all the luck with the bigger ones. He got 4 that were 10+". I'm sure I would have caught more but he booby trapped the minnow bucket. Everytime I reached in the bucket I kept grabbing what I thought was a LARGE minnow. I did this several times and then the Darn thing bit me! I told Brian about it and he just laughed and thought I was teasing him about getting such large minnows. I said No way man......The Da** thing BIT ME!!!
I looked in the bucket and here the bait shop had given us a 2 1/2" catfish and it stuck me! We got a good laugh out of that! All in all it was a great trip....we caught a lot of fish and I kept enough for a meal for momma and me. Thanx Brian!!! I had a blast! Little sore in the neck from the whiplash tho!


BTW most fish were caught on chartruse twister tails. We had minnows but they wanted the twister tails. Water was stained and fish were in 15 foot of water about 6-7 feet down. We each managed a 10" perch too! Caught on the minnows.
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