Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by greg3891, Apr 22, 2004.

  1. Heading there friday morning, Any reports on the conditions and if there hitting at all, thanks.
  2. Hey Greg, fished there last Saturday. Was windy, but found a couple fish. Caught crappie in 10-13ft of water, plus picked a couple walleye. Lots of fish down by the roadbed at Housel/Craft Rd, but they weren't biting.

    Got them all drifting crappie rigs with minnows.


  3. Thanks Big D still have to get your bucket back to you. See you on the lakes. You fishing the may 15th day at mosquito?
  4. Greg, it's been moved to West Branch. I still need to check some things, but I'm gonna try and at least show up.

  5. Fished Mosquito on Saturday. Lots of fish on the screen, very few could be coaxed into the boat. Slow day with a very slow bite.
  6. How you guy fairing at Misquito?
    Any good news?
    I be there this weekend lookin for slabs.