Mosquito Wednesday nighters changed

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  1. With the lack of entries at the wednesday nighters at mosquito,we have decided to cancel every wednesday and change it to the first wednesday of the month. We will only have 1 tournament every month and still have the championship on Sept.24. Sorry for the inconvenience and please pass the word around
  2. I never have fished Mosquito..I have this weekend the BWS in am in the the lake is and any hints...any help would be great thx

  3. ranger487

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    Joe I will get the word around its stinks that this had to happen but 4 boats a night wasnt cutting it.:(

  4. I wish I could fish em all. I love this lake. Problem is with gas and all and being an hour and a half away, kinda limits my participation. :( Thanks for the heads up!
  5. Vmax


    Same here only thing keeping me is gas prices to.I as well am a hour away.I had alot of fun fishin them a year ago.Great group of fishermen.