Mosquito Walleye

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  1. went out to skeeter Friday afternoon around 4pm. Had my 1st eye by 4:22pm and it was a nice one 23” BUT it was covered in something - like it was infected ( didn’t even want to touch it actually lol). Then the 2nd one hit at 4:31 and it was infected also along with the 3rd one that I caught. Does anyone know what that is? looked like the attached photo but it was all over them

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  2. Hahaha that ain’t right. Sticky Fishy herps
  3. Got this the other night have gotten a few like this over the years

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  4. That’s exactly what mine looked like. 1st time I ever caught one that looked like that and to get 3 in a row was making me nervous
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    It’s called lymphosistis.
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  6. Thanks - I release them all. Should I have removed them?
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    Wow! Not sure what to do with something like that.

    Very HOT grease and a few beers I guess?

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    Removing the fish from the lake wouldn’t matter much. It’s a disease in the water. Usually it disappears as the water warms up. It usually only affects the skin not the meat. I’ve caught a few fish from Erie that had it. They tasted just fine. And I haven’t developed any tumors.....
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  10. Wow next they will be glowing. Oh that's right the eyes do glow at night. Uh oh.
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    BAZINGA! G3 is exactly right. It only goes skin deep and does not affect the meat. I've caught walleye like that before. They get beat up during the spawn, especially females making redds. Their skin gets abraded and the infection can take hold.
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  12. Thanks guys for the info. I’ve been catching eyes the majority of my life and this was a 1st for me
  13. There is always something growing on fish in Lake Erie.
  14. The lake was nuked immediately after ICE OFF. Those eyes are radioactive.
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  15. Yes. I would advise catch and release only. In fact don't even fish there until the contamination is contained.
  16. Good Grief!(chas brown!) Disgusting! Send pic to ODNR!
  17. I think I’ll take my chances but thanks for the advice lol
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    EEEWWWWWUUUU! I mean EEUUUWWWW!. Don't touch 'em. whatever you do.--Tim

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  19. buckeyebowman is correct. I (We) have caught walleye with that growth for years following the spawn. That condition can exist in any body of water where walleye spawn. Just speak with a fish biologist if something like that concerns you, that is what I did.
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