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Mosquito walleye/temp?

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by mosquito walleye, Nov 10, 2017.

  1. Anyone by chance know the water temp/condition at Mosquito? Thinking about taking a day off from mother Erie and trying some slow trolling/Vibe jigging up at Mosquito. Haven't fished it since last spring and didn't know what to expect. Any dead weeds or anything floating around to get in the way? Thanks for the information.
  2. Yesterday temp was 48 not much floating weeds but pretty stirred up

  3. Thanks man, figured it would be 40s by now. As long as there is not a tone of floating weeds I am giving it a try. Miss my inland walleye fishing, even though Erie has been a dream all year.
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  4. Good luck, report back curious how u do
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  5. I'll bet it's pretty brown and dirty after all this continuous North wind.
  6. I bet it is as well right now!! Hope it starts to calm down and those walleye are hungry in the cold morning. Regardless of the bite, will be nice getting back out on the inland waters. I may just have to try some bright colors.
  7. Not sure on water temp...clarity I can help with...305 launch area gin clear no weed issues..I waded there Wednesday...state park somewhat stained...weeds present but fishable...1 walleye caught around 5:45 only bite....same for buddy who was off of state hit around 5:35
  8. Is the water level down??
  9. Water level down but not real low
    Pictures taken at 305 boat launch area

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  10. kayak1979

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    Water temp was 40 yesterday. Caught one eye vertical jigging in 19 fow.
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  11. I couldn't get any to bite the day I went out, man was it cold the day I was out though!! Couldn't take gloves off for even a min without not being able to feel my fingers anymore. My line kept on freezing on me as well in seconds. Went to Erie the day after and of course crushed them once again!! Man I love Lake Erie. Tough to go from Erie to Mosquito for me.
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  12. Jason abate

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  15. Out of Huron
  16. Yea, lake erie will spoil you in a hurry. I find it tough to even think about inland lakes after May. nice goin'
  17. all you need to know
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