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Mosquito vs Pyma

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by gimmeabattle, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. Any advice, I'm trying to decide b/n Mosquito and Pyma for this Sat. What I've heard so far about Mosquito isn't too promising. I can't stay at either into late evening so I'd be there from morning to late afternoon.

    Any spots at Pyma to recommend for bass or eyes?
    I'll report back even if I get skunked.

    much appreciated
  2. I:D pick mos ,work the edges of the weeds , or the drop off;s watch the weather both lakes can rock/roll real quick. jig chunk of worm . real real slow then a little slower. theres a stump field on the west side south of the causeway , one of my best spots. find one and anchor on it ,try for awhile no good move on. stop at the bait shop [causeway bait] they have a sign posted with best reports of late. everbody that works there are nice people.

  3. mirrocraft mike

    mirrocraft mike Now in a Alumacraft

    You still hitting Mosquito and picking up a few ?? My last time there the eyes won hands down. Only two hammer handles . I thought The BIG SHOW (erie) has been taking up all your fishing time lately.
  4. het300

    het300 HET300

    I would go with Mosquito also. I have been catching eyes both from shore and in boat. Jig and crawler and also trolling north end. Also getting some nice Crappie as well.

  5. I am putting a new boat in the water on Saturday. A buddy and I will be on Skeeter with my new Skeeter. That said, a good portion of our day will be spent learning the intracies of the boat instead of fishing. That brings me to my question. I know the upper end of the lake fairly well, but not the lower section. It will likely be a little late in the morning before I am ready to actually troll harnesses, but I should be able to fish for crappies no problem. How is the southern portion of the lake, and are there any tips to share for general locations/depths at this time of year? I really do appreciate the info. If you see a blue Skeeter on the water, stop over and say hi. Tight Lines, Griffon.
  6. Hey Griffon, I thought I knew the south end until the last couple times out humbled me. I've got a black Skeeter, normally fishing the south end. Stop by and we'll swap north end / south end stories, then see who gave the best scoop.
  7. Will do... Hope to see you on the water.
  8. I don't do mos much after june 15th then its reie time .but he asked for a little help .and thats all I could give.
  9. hey griffon.....really be careful if you don't know the lake cus it is reallylow,....3 ft at misquito is really low with alot of hassereds.....have fun:C
  10. I was up at mosquito wednesday morning and evening. In the morning i fished the waters just off the causeway via boat and caught a total of 11 fish, but only one was of good size and it was a 7-8lb channel cat, but my buddy who is new to fishing hooked onto something of good size that broke his 10lb test line. He didn't know how to utilize the drag so thats probably why he lost the fish but by the way it was fighting it was probably another nice size channel cat. The other fish i caught were gills and perch, but a few were decent size. In the evening i fished the shoreline at the spillway and caught a total of 27 fish but they were all small crappies, gills and perch. I did see what looked like a big walleye or pike lurking in the weed beds but couldn't get it to bite. I was fishing with nightcrawlers and minnows all day, but most of my success was with the nightcrawlers. Good luck tomorrow.