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  1. Launched with ShorDrift about 7 a.m. Started at the north end trolling. First fish of the day was a 5 pound channel cat. It sunk the mini boards we were using. Figured it was a cat or a northern. Caught a couple crappies before heading south. Trolled the cemetary area and managed a walleye and another crappie

    Ended with three channel cats, three crappies, three and a half walleyes, and a perch. All released to fight another day. Gorgeous day to be on the lake.
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  3. HetFieldinn,
    Nice talking to ya today on squito, i had a tough day shunko no hits nuthing, and i fished harded than i have in a long time, cold front shut most everything down i guess.
    But it was a beautiful day on the water and thats what means the most to me!! We ended up 1 14 in walleye and a large crappie.
    ICENUT(Bill T)
  4. BigV

    BigV BigV

    Looks like your well on your way to that 10 LB + walleye!!
  5. IceNut-nice meeting you today

    BigV-she was a dandy, but about 9 pounds 8 ounces shy.
  6. Although it could cost upwards of 8 or 9 bucks, I'd have it mounted.
    But that's just me.:p
  7. Sorry you guys didn't slay them! Wish I could have made it. Would have been great to see and chat with you 'pros' out there but, I think I'm having a bout with my gallbladder. Sharp pain below my right ribs that feels like a knife is stuck in there clear into my back! Getting older sucks!!
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    ezbite the Susan Lucci of OGF

    im glad to see you didnt find my secret spot.
  9. Hello all,
    LionPurr here, new to fishing and would like to know a good spot @ Mosquito for shore fishing? I don't have nor know anyone with a boat so, guess I stuck shoreline fishing for now. any help be appreciated.....
  10. Welcome, lionpurr. some guys have been wading the east shoreline from 305 north to the cemetary area in the evening and catching some walleye and crappie since ice-out. Off either side of the 88 causeway is also pretty good at times-day or night. Those are the only one's I am familiar with. Good luck.