Mosquito today 25 June 08

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  1. What's the report for today? Am I the only that got skunked? Caught 1 very small Bass of some sort, and 1 ok Catfish of some sort. Both on cork and live minnow.
  2. Sorry guys, actually just figured out that what we thought was some sort of Bass, was actually a Perch. Was about 6 inches, light green all over with a some dark green stripes, and orange fins. I just saw a pic of one on another thread. Still not sure exactly what kind of catfish it was. It was yellow-ish, with small black spots.

  3. I went out there las few nights. Nothing but getting skunked. Someone told me that Mosquito is going slightly down hill on the fish and that it sould not be fished for the next 3 years, Due to the fish bites not being as good as they used to be.
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    The fish are there. The lake is changing so we must change with it. The water never used to be as clear as it gets now.
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    Not sure about the north end but the south end is loaded with zebra mussels. I caught some globs of them fishing the dropoffs down there. Guys didn't think to rinse their livewells out after fishing erie and thats all it takes to transport them. The fish are there but you're going to have to change the way you go after them now. I got 20 small walleye while trolling stinger spoons on a #0 dipsy there last monday. None bigger than 13". Fish deep or fish the weeds.
  6. I seems it's no longer as easy as just drifting a jig and minnow or jig and crawler anywhere on the lake. You gotta get down and dirty in the weedbeds. It takes a lot more effort and weed removal, but that's where the fish are.
  7. That lake is garbage I went there for 3 weeks straight! was fishing for walleye and didnt catch one!
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    Fished It Hard Drifting Harnesses Sat Am And Caught A Bunch Of Perch And 1 Eye About 12'' And Thats It. Wind Pushed Us At .8 To 1.0 Mph In The South End At 18-21fow. I Agree That The Lake Is Getting Tough And The Fish Are Less Likely To Bite. Change Tactics For Chasing Eyes In Clear Shallow Weedy Lakes. Fish Are Deep According To Sonar Readings. They Are There But Not Willing To Bite In The Afternoon On Sunny Days.
  9. i've lived only less than 5 miles from the lake my whole life, fished it since 1984. i'll keep on saying it, the state needs to put a size limit on the walleye taken there. i've seen too many people taking fish under 10" and you can't manage a good walleye population doing this. why is it that milton has a 15" limit, and the walleye fishing as exploded like years past. my father and me have swore off fishing mosquito untill the state steps in and starts managing the walleye size limits. try fishing milton, berlin, and west branch for walleye, i know we have. it takes 3-5 years for a fry walleye to reproduce, mosquito shouldn't be a disposible lake where the state dumps millions of fry there just to have them taken when they reach 10". why do you think the state has started the survey online about size limits on inland lakes? maybe they are starting to listen????
  10. I agree about the size limit but i understand why they don't have one. I still catch some real nice ones there though. You have to fish completly different for the bigger fish than the small ones. We went out last week and caught 16 nice keepers(15'' and up) and 8 that we threw back. We fished all day but that still isn't bad at all. Our biggest was 21''. Early this spring we caught a 7 pounder. Thats by far the biggest one i have seen come out of there. I think with all the walleye in that lake, if you let them all get big the baitfish would run out.
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    If you've been fishing it since 84, you should know by now that it's always going to be a put and take lake. It will never be a trophy lake and thats by design. If you want to catch more 15" and better fish, do what you and your dad said you'd do, fish the lakes with the size limits. Quit knocking Mosquito. I enjoy catching 20 walleyes a day, even if i only keep 2 of them. Did that today. Had a great time trolling them suckers up with a #0 dipsy and stinger spoon, 30 back, in 17ft water. Green puke and perch were the best spoons today. 1 was 16, 1 was 15, and the rest were less than 13. I could have kept a limit to eat but i was just having fun. I just like catching fish. If people want to eat walleye and cant get them over 15", then fish squito and take some home. Those small eyes sure are tasty. Not a lot of meat but i've seen people keep perch smaller on erie.;)
  12. No size limit on Mosquito for walleye? I thought they did?
  13. This lake is garbage quote is priceless! You can't catch fish so you call it garbage. Shows the type of person you are. This site is getting more and more TRASH daily. Where do these people come from? Dude, probably can't even shoot fish in a barrel! or is that the only way to bag a limit?
  14. I agree with smallie75, the fish are there. but people fish the SAME way for years then freak out when it stops working but people refuse to take the extra step trying out new methods to catch em so they blame it on the lake or the ODNR.
  15. if you can;t catch a eye in mosquito you need to go back to school. change your set up ,change and change and change , you don;t here me or some of the other better fishermen complaining . [ were realy not better we just change till we find a working pattern ]